Monday, September 23, 2019

#SecondHandSeptember Secondhand Party Clothes

Let's take a trip down memory lane to Russ and Anita's Movie Nites of the past.
A fun party that includes a movie! And dressing up in costumes shopped from my closet!

2019: Paradise, Hawaiian Style with Elvis [links go to OG blog posts]
[photo swiped from Anita's FB]
On Severo: Second hand tiki mask shirt
On me: '74 Matadors muumuu [informative link]
2015: Straight-Jacket with Joan Crawford [no blog post]
Me: repurposed hospital wristbands from 2010-11 chemo infusions
Stephan, who does the amazing sets in the pool cabana, such as this one
2015: Double Indemnity
Severo: used German suit from Amsterdam flea market, vintage tie
Me: 1940's rayon dress from Larry

You can see how Stephan totally transforms the cabana. Same space as above photo!
2013: Mildred Pierce with Joan Crawford
On Severo: second hand sport coat
On me: gauzy shirt and plaid sheath from Larry, head scarf a gift from a former student
2012: Singin' in the Rain [link to preliminary design post]
Topper: repurposed used sari
I never buy new for Anita's dress up parties.
I can always find something in my closet (or in refurbish mountain).

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