Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Textile and Bead Love at the Santa Monica Airport Market

As promised, the textiles (and beads) that caught my eye last Sunday at the Santa Monica Airport Market.
Sit yourself down and enjoy!
I can get ALL THE THINGS when I shop with my camera.

I did however succumb to temptation and purchased these two gems, which I will turn into tunics:

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Clogged, In a Good Way

I went to a clog close-out sale today, at the Santa Monica Airport Flea.
Here is how most of my collection (I left out a few exotics) looked at dawn:
I took this for reference in case I needed to remember what I already owned.
It was bright yet chilly, so I piled on accessories
Mismatched hat with mock braids. It's warm.
I wore extra thick socks -- to avoid buying "Torture Clogs".
Once at the flea, I made a beeline to Zingara, who was having a fabulous sale --
Sven wooden soled clogs at $49/pair vs $100+
Aren't those saddle shoe baby clogs adorable? Want!
Zingara used to have a shop on Abbot Kinney, before it became an overpriced, overhyped international shopping destination.
I did a post about the shop (and Abbot Kinney) here.
Phase two she moved to a "container shop" in the West Adams district. (I never got there).
Now, for Phase three, she's going in a new (undisclosed) direction, without her inventory.

I bought two pairs.
Bronze backless . Brown backless 2-tone suede.
Not to worry, I DID buy pairs!
The mismatched socks came that way -- I bought them at a cute country store in Vermont.
My collection grows!

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Happy clogging!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Rainy Week Brights

Last Thursday marks my two year anniversary of participating in the workweek Colors of the Day Challenge!
It certainly helps me get dressed in the morning.

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Friday's prompt (Past and Present) sent me down the rabbit hole of searching for times I posted images of that kimono fabric tunic.

Here's the first, the OG SpyGirl:
The OG SpyGirl series

And here's the craziest combo:
from February 2013
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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hello 2019

Long time no "see".
These are my "Tiny Planets" for the work week. I make them with an app, using elements of my outfit. 
The app bends the photo into a circle.
I've been posting my outfits on Instagram.

Here's what I wore to work last week:

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As you can see, Friday's outfit was the favorite!

For this post, I learned how to embed IG posts.
So easy.
On Instagram, you go to "More, ie the triple dots" and choose "Embed".
You'll then get html code to paste into wherever.

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