Sunday, December 10, 2023

10 on the 10th: Xmas Edition

Answering 10 questions! This is a fun monthly thing instigated by Marsha In the Middle.
For December, Marsha poses many questions on the subject of Christmas.

1. Would you rather give up Christmas trees or Christmas cookies?
I'm Team Cookie - there's no way you can pry the cookies out of my grasp!
I don't think I've ever had a tree since I moved in with Severo (23 years). I do desultory decorating in the entryway.

2. Would you rather get one amazing holiday gift or 10 OK holiday gifts?
One amazing pair of Fluevogs, please!
The Fluevog Derby Swirl in Plaid. On my Wish List!

3. Would you rather wash your hair with pumpkin pie innards or with Christmas cookie icing?
Pass on both!

4. Would you rather surprise your people with their gifts or let them pick out their own gifts and then buy them for them?
I would be much happier with a wish list. I don't like to shop.

5. Would you rather eat only desserts the entire holiday you celebrate or only the main course?
I want to eat it all!
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6. Would you rather watch “A Christmas Story” or “Elf” all day long…day of your choosing?
No thanks. Give me the Yule Log!

7. Would you rather have a nose like Rudolph’s or ears like an elf?
Elf ears. A light-up nose would be very distracting.

8. Would you rather listen to “All I Want for Christmas” or “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” for an entire week?
This question reminds me of the time I worked at Strawberry, a boutique fast fashion chain in NYC. My branch was in the financial district. The year, 1977. An 8-track provided the store music and between Thanksgiving and Christmas we had to listen to Disco renditions of Holiday favorites. On repeat. Ad nauseam.
What is the Hippopotamus song? I don't think I want to know.

9. Would you rather have a “Ho, Ho, Ho” Santa laugh or an evil Grinch cackle?
I'm a crone. I'll opt for Cackle.

10. Would you rather wear red and green or silver and gold for the entire holiday season?
Since the metallics are usually synthetics and itchy, Red and Green I will tolerate. But I'm forever Team All the Colors!

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