Monday, April 10, 2023

10 on the 10th: Would I Rather...

Answering 10 questions! This is a fun monthly thing instigated by Marsha In the Middle.
Marsha's answers for this month here.

1. Would you rather wear clothes made of feathers or clothes made of flower petals?
That time I sketched outfits inspired by flowers, 2011
This is Saint John's Wort, not Clematis.
2. Would you rather listen to birds chirping or frogs croaking?

3. Would you rather vacation on a remote yet tropical beach or near a thriving city?
Both? Nah, I'll go remote.
Big Island, Hawaii, 2005
4. Would you rather have Peeps in your Easter/holiday basket or jellybeans?
Jordan Almonds, please. Or Reese's. I'll always say "yes" to Reese's.
artwork made from Reese's bags

5. Would you rather spend a day planting seeds or a day at the beach?
Seeds! Check out my back yard super bloom!

6. Would you rather grow green grass or grass of a color of your choosing?
Forget the grass. Lawns are a waste of water in SoCal.
I choose native plants to attract butterflies, birds, and bees.

7. Would you rather wear sandals with socks or sandals with hosiery?
Sandals with socks!

8. Would you rather have flowers for fingers or flowers for toes?
I'm a Sunday's child: "Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes..."

9. Would you rather do the chicken dance or the bunny hop?
I have good memories of chicken dancing at family weddings, I'll go with that.
Or maybe the hora:
10. Would you rather be a caterpillar or a tadpole?
This caterpillar matches my crazy hat sketch:
photo by Ryszard on Flickr

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