Monday, September 30, 2019

#SecondHandSeptember Thrifty Friends

It's the last day of #SecondHandSeptember and certainly not the last day of shopping second hand first!
Today, I'm featuring a few thrifty friends who linked up over the month and provided me with quotes.

Amber, of The Hungry Mountaineer:

It just breaks my heart to think of landfills full of discarded Forever 21 leggings and crop tops. Recycled shopping has become a part of my life in the past two years and I will never pay a hundred dollars for trendy jeans from Nordstrom again when I can be a much more sustainable shopper and purchase them gently used from my favorite thrift store. Recycled fashion has changed my life and my closet since I have embraced limiting my carbon footprint.

That's why I brag to everyone I know, "Love this jacket? I bought it second hand at my favorite thrift shop!" Friends tell me my boots are so cute and I tell them "You too can buy awesome boots from the Goodwill and refurbish them at home! It's easy, it's crafty, it's upcycling!" With a bit of effort it's easy to be fashionably cute and help keep this planet just a little bit greener for the next generation.
Amber wrote a great post about ways to be a sustainable hiker.
I highly recommend clicking over there if you hike and/or camp!

Shellbee, of Shelbee On the Edge:

Yes, of course, shopping second hand is a huge one! ... If we donate or sell second hand, we should also be shopping at those places, too. I honestly get a little sick when I think about how much perfectly good clothing ends up just dumped. I saw so much go out of the consignment shop when I worked there, clothes with tags still on. What we couldn’t sell, we would donate to churches and charity shops and when I would drop off there, I was amazed at how much they had back logged that they couldn’t even fit on the sales floor. It really is a sad state of affairs. And there are places in my local community, like the children’s home, that won’t even accept donations. I ran out of places to donate to.
Monica of SeƱora Allnut:

Shopping second hand is not only good for the environment, it's also good for me, for my budget, for my self expression and creativity!. Actually, I'm being selfish!

And there you have it! One more day to link up your second hand something!

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