Monday, September 6, 2021

80's Vibe

 Maybe you saw this in my Instagram:

It was a "Lost 80's Live" night at the Greek Theater, Severo's debut on that venue's stage as bassist for The Romantics. He kindly got me a ticket, as the comped guest ticket situation was, um, messed up.
As Dez says, "Are these my seats?"
There were 13 bands on the bill, to perform in a 3-hour window, with set changes for every band.
Doing "concert math", that equals 1-2 songs for most bands. The Romantics played two hits: Talking in Your Sleep and What I Like About You. Severo did great! There's a video (not mine) at the end of this.

But how about my outfit?

Let's start with the black and white things:
Fluevog Checkerboard dress, my art,  Redbubble
Checkerboard leggings, $2.99, Telco discount shop in Brooklyn

Striped socks, I think these were part of a Uniqlo sock bundle. Nope.

Zebra print Dansko clogs, Poshmark, 2017

And, to top it off, the Ungaro silk harlequin shirt:
Fabulous $6 find at the Santa Monica Antiques Market, 2018
Read more about it

Let's rock:

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