Saturday, June 30, 2012

Regrets, I've Had a Few...

These bracelets no longer fit over my wrist.
I shot a bunch of enticing photos for a Threadflip listing.
As I was processing the photos, I started getting a sad feeling.
I remember when I first acquired them in the 80s, from Jone Pasha in Providence, RI [closed].
I looked at the stack of the ones that still fit me. Something was missing.
They just didn't look right.
The green! There is no green in the ones that fit!
So, no, I cannot split them up. My attempt at decluttering failed.
I don't regret it.
These are made of plastic cord wrapped around grass. From my brief internet searching, I believe they originate from Burkina Faso and the cording is recycled from prayer mats. [See this site]. Jone got them via Craft Caravan in NYC [closed]. They sold for $3, if I remember correctly.

Friday, June 29, 2012

What's In My Bag? #FBFF

Like a finely calibrated matryoshka (Russian doll within a doll), I have bags within my bag. We are going to examine what's inside the tote on the left. No, sorry, you can't see what I had packed for lunch in the bag on the right.
From the top left: a folder to transport papers, cross-body denim bag, snack bag, iPod pouch, scarf and socks (for office AC).
From left, from inside denim bag: pouch with camera, cable + battery, sketchbook, mechanical pencil, business cards, chapstik, pen, sunglasses (in case), robot pouch with money and plastic, change, pouch with iPhone.
In iPod pouch, ear buds, cable, adapter, iPod.
In snack bag: water cannister, grapes, corn puffs, chocolate.
With all this, I am ready to cross the LA basin to get to work -- from West LA to Irwindale (36 mi/ 45 min).
When not working, it's just the denim bag.

I did this a year ago and you will see many of the same items.

#FBFF is Friend Beauty Friend Friday, a series hosted by Katy of Modly Chic.
Go see what other stylish bloggers have in their bags!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pinterest Hacking Update

I was SO HAPPY to get this:
 When I was pinning this:
to that "Adorbs" board that showed up on my upload list yesterday.
Yay Pinterest!
(My thinking was, if I pinned something to the board, then maybe it would show up - it was only visible in the list, not on my Pinterest profile - so that I could delete it. Does that make sense?)

Next I tried pinning exactly the same thing that I pinned yesterday to a new board:
Aaaaaah, no gremlins have added random things to the board.
Yay Pinterest!

Meanwhile, the whole process finally got me to put something up for sale on Threadflip: my nOir earrings that I got from Ideeli and never wore. One of those unfortunate purchases done in the heat of the moment. Here's a better photo:
If you crave them, click on over to my Threadflip!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spammers Hacked My Pinterest

This just happened.
I pinned an image and made a new board for it. While I was doing that, a board called "Adorbs" (which appears to be a communal board) showed up on my list of boards and the pin was going to load on that. I again typed the title for my new board, uploaded pin. Clicked to view it and the board had another pin...
...loaded by "Debi Fitzsimmons"
I reported it but could not delete it.
I followed the URL of the spam pin:
WOW, a whole lotta spamming going on.

I then tried pinning the item again in a new virgin board. This time there were TWO other pins.
Now I was getting creeped out.
I changed my password and deleted the two bad boards.

The "Adorbs" board does not appear publicly, but it's still polluting my upload list. I don't know how to get rid of it.
I'm not going to pin anything else from this computer (at work) for a few days (fortunately, I'm not back in the office until Monday). Maybe I'll try again from my laptop when I get home.
I put in a complaint to Pinterest Support, hopefully they can remedy the situation.
I feel violated. (I know, strong word for stupid Pinterest. First world problem. Still...)

Go Fish #OOTD

Yep. Wearing my fish tunic again today. Tomorrow, I may wear it with my green maxi...
You are in my net, my little fishies...
Check on SpyGirl's FB page to catch me!

Monday, June 25, 2012

More Pattern Play - #OOTD

I took this Instagram yesterday, to see if these new acquisitions from Larry matched my Shabby Apple skirt:
They do! Best combo is the mod paisley (center top). Alas, that is a smock with a too small bodice, so sewing would be required (or I wear it as a long vest? Didn't think of that...).
Ah, look what wandered in from the clean laundry -- the orange stripe shirt from Friday! Match!
Right now, it's too warm in the office to wear the shirt (and I need to wash it) so I stuck the chiffon scarf in my bag:
Match again!
One thing, I need to shorten the hem on the skirt to above knee length. Too frumpy!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pattern Max - #OOTD

On Friday, I reached a new level of pattern maxing:
Light orange, turquoise, and brown.
I can't explain why it works (some complicated color theory reason, no doubt) but it does.

Last night, I tried this:
Desigual shirt, Dorothee Bis skirt
Lurid tropical + brown zig zag... Yes!
Since I was working an art reception, I made an extra effort and decorated my arm.
I've said it before, I mix patterns like a painter mixes paint. Put me on a diet of "all solids" and I would go MAD!
Happy patterny Sunday, everyone.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Sunglasses Dossier: The Guise Archives

Ah, sunglasses, oh how I need you in this harsh Cali sunlight...

Two weeks ago, I joined Heather, of The Style Confessions, and her husband Hugo on an excursion to The Guise Archives on Melrose and Hayworth (west of Fairfax).
Upon entering the shop, I was dazzled by the wall of beautifully displayed sunglasses, both vintage and new.
Eye candy, in every sense of the phrase.
I was drawn to this style, the Elizabeth and James "Rhoda" frames:
Which one... pearl white?
...or classic black?
(photo by Heather)
Ah, it was SO much easier when I wore contacts.
Now, getting sunglasses is a major investment -- what with my astigmatism, myopia, presbyopia, need for glass vs plastic AND no insurance, the prescription alone is $300.

7928 MELROSE AVE, LA, CA  90046
(323) 782-1093
Thanks to Sasha and The Guise crew, who hosted us.

Heather wrote a great post too, read it here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Color Craving: Mustard and Navy

I recently saw this combo in a Maxi dress at LoveCulture.
I didn't get the dress [yet] and it haunts me...
What do I have in my closet that I can wear RIGHT NOW, without spending any money?
I like the brown with it too

Here are some mustard/navy mixes that I found on Lyst*

A lot of the mustard items seem to be sold out. Maybe they're from last fall, or maybe many others crave the mustard...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Threads and Surfaces Sketchbook on Exhibit in Brooklyn

Join Art House on Friday June 22, 2012 for the unveiling of: 

The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition
Brooklyn Art Library
103A N 3rd St. (between Berry & Wythe)
Brooklyn, NY 11249
4 - 8 pm

Art House is proud to present the first public unveiling of the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition archive. Following the opening reception on Friday, June 22nd, the Limited Edition books will be available to view at the Brooklyn Art Library on Saturday, June 23, and Sunday, June 24, from noon - 8pm.
RSVP here

My book can be found on the shelves with a call number of 187.9-10.
It's the Thread and Surfaces: Fashion Icons book.

It includes pages with me, Anne the SpyGirl

Heather of The Style Confessions™

Laura of Wrinkle in Time Vintage

Kiah of From the "REZ" to the "CITY"

Diya of In Her Stilettos

Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely

La Dama of Vintage Passiones Just Like Mine

Erin of Design For Mankind

Monday, June 18, 2012

Visibly Indian Inspired #OOTD

I wore this look Friday, Saturday AND today:
except the hat --
that was Friday only because I was doing my qi gong class outdoors in Clover Park
The tunic is called a kurta and it's from India, via a shop in Artesia, CA. It came in a 3-pc set, with a printed chiffon scarf and printed pants, all the prints slightly different yet matching, all in 100% silk.
(The top and pants worn together are called Salwar Kameez).

I love how the prints mix:

but I would not wear the garments as they came from the shop:
this photo was taken last year
Last week, during Megan and Keely's Fashion Challenge, one of Wednesday's choices was something Tribal. Coincidentally, Sally, of Already Pretty, wrote a post titled "Ethnic Ethics" the same day about how she was uncomfortable wearing a kurta very much like mine. A very lively discussion ensued about "where to draw the line" wearing clothing of other cultures. Since I tend to do that, I was interested to read what others had to say. DO go click on the link, it's very enlightening and there are all sorts of opinions.

My plans are to restyle the pants, probably into a skirt. Maybe then I can wear all three together!
I'm linking up with Patti's Visible Monday, as is my wont.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shirts of Our Fathers

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!
Here is "something special" that I pulled from Larry's treasure trove:
Ha! I got a little over-zealous hiking up my tube skirt!
These are two very strange pieces: the widest tie I've ever seen and the insane op art shirt. Let's look closer...

The "tie" (probably really a sash):
measures 7.5" at its widest part!
100% acetate twill, made in Japan
The shirt:
Whoa! Op art!
Notice the blue here on the sleeve placket and at buttonhole --
imagine how the body used to look before the blue faded.
OK, maybe you'd rather not.
Not only is it an Oleg Cassini,
it was worn by FATHER Keney
OMG, right?
The ensemble, one more time:
Can you see the major design flaw?
How on my right side I have a concave breast* and a goiter on my rib?
It's a VERY disturbing shirt, if you ask me.

That's why I'm keeping it!
Horrible 100% nylon knit and all!

Severo gets the tie, if he wants it...

If not... to the resale pile it goes...
or should I keep it?
* I DO have a concavity there, but I DON'T need it emphasized! And I DON'T have a goiter, thankyouverymuch.

Friday, June 15, 2012

FBFF - Vacation!

Ah, vacation... where are you? The old Go-Gos song comes to mind:
All I ever wanted
Had to get away"

My summer semester has just started, so I must wait until August. I'll be joining Severo on some East coast gigs (Smithereens in Springfield, MA 8/9 and Circle Line Cruise of NYC harbor 8/10). There is the annual family gathering on Martha's Vineyard starting 8/21. In between, I'll be bumming around, crashing with friends, just like a teenager!

In my mind, I am already packing... 

Huipils to endure the humidity
My favorite plastic sandals
The Pink Shawl for travel and chilly nights
Assorted scarves
Those are the first things that come to mind.
I'll be using my virtual packing vacation board on Go Chic or Go Home to plot it all out.
Plus my handy excel list.
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