Sunday, March 24, 2019

Party Time!

I wore this outfit yesterday to help Larry celebrate his 65th birthday:
The vintage Todd Oldham jean jacket got many complements.
Read more about it here.
I got it eons ago at NYC's Canal Jeans (RIP).

I dressed from the shoes up:
These new-to-me Sanita Clogs came this way with multi-colored paint splotches, MAYBE on cork, or a cork-like texture. I snagged them on Poshmark at a steal of a price: $20 and they're hardly used!
From a quick look on Amazon (a slippery slope), new Sanitas go for $75-$140. Really. If you are a clog fanatic like me, Poshmark is a great place to find them. You can connect to my Poshmark closet over on the sidebar >>>>>>>>>>>>

Speaking of that Amazon search, I found trouble:
Trouble not available in my size. Perhaps a blessing.
We celebrated Larry at the BBQ chain Lucille's. I had Blackened Catfish, with sides of Mac and Cheese and BBQ Beans. Mostly, I ate the Mac and Cheese, which never does well as takeaway. One of the other guys had the largest serving of Gumbo I'd ever seen. The "bowl" was about 18" diameter and had a pint "mesa" of rice in the center!. It was Jumbo Gumbo!
It was great to meet up with Larry and friends, we "talked "of many things... of cabbages -- and kings...".

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Sock It To Me!

(Ad) Six days with @sox_bond socks.
Sox Bond offered me a generous discount code for my purchase if I posted on IG.
I did that and am posting here as well! They're nice socks! I like them!

Here's the intel [copied from their website]:

Sock Details

  • Made to impress
  • Soft, stretchy, comfortable
  • One size fits all
  • 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Delivery

    • We ship worldwide
  • European Union shipping (free on orders over $35, otherwise $6.95 shipping)
  • US and Canada (free on orders over $35, otherwise $6.95 shipping)
  • INT shipping (free on orders over $35, otherwise $6.95 shipping) 
  • All orders are shipped straight from our warehouse (Lithuania - European Union). We use post office for service
  • It usually takes 5-14 days for your products to arrive (depends on your location)

They ARE soft and skew warm, due to the polyester. Good for winter!
Most were too long in the foot for my size 7-7.5 foot (which is always my problem with unisex socks). Not sure about shrinkage yet.

Here's how I wore them, over the last two weeks:

Sock link

Sock link

Sock link

Sock link

Sock link

Sock link

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Monday, March 4, 2019

March Madness for Menders

I have found not one, but two Mending/Sewing Challenges on Instagram!
My sewing calluses will become nicely developed over the month!

The first I found before March 1st, so I'm a bit more organized for it:

Here's the Instagram post:

Ok here are your MendMarching orders! With a week to go (how did that happen?) As last year, feel free to adapt /screw with any category, and jump in and out as you please: the idea is to share & inspire, not to stress & depress. I think these are all clear/obvious? The first is to ease us in with a showing off of your supplies. 6 & 7 courtesy of mendpun queen @fie_derelsa --and day 15 is a special day... #MendAndMakeFriends is for @gatherwhatspills fabulous patch swap, so if you were playing along, this is when to post your patch, all sewn in. If you lack a patch, just do any friendly mend you like, obvs. Share this madly! Let's be mendfriends! #mendmarch #visiblemending #mendtheworld #darning #patching #slowstitch #slowfashion #handstitched #handrepair #lovedclotheslast #wellworn #wornwear #wabisabi #mendspiration #mendship
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The second, which I just found a few minutes ago, is this:

Here's a #miymarch19 heads up for you - the full list of daily prompts, for the 1st time this year has an overall theme which is SUSTAINABLE SEWING. ➡️ Myself and @dressmakerssocial will post each day's theme in the morning (UK time!!) along with some more info, ideas, explanations. At the end of each day we'll share our favourite 4 pics of that day. ➡️ If you haven't played before it's a month long photo challenge to post a photo a day to a daily theme, check out previous year's hashtags #miymarch18 #miymarch17, etc. If you have a private account though only your own followers will be able to see your pics rather than the whole #instasewing community! ➡️ As I'm going to be spending most of March relocating my life from Brighton to Sheffield we've decided to keep it simple this year and not have any sponsors - it's just for the ❤❤ of it and finding new sewing folk to connect with 😊 we're looking forward to meeting you all!!
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This one is more of a general sewing challenge, but since the theme is Sustainable Sewing, a lot of mending would qualify.

I'm going to go with #miymarch's 3/4 prompt: Recycled today:
"It's Recycled for day 4 of #miymarch19 Show us your makes using recycled materials it doesn't have to be clothing as long as it uses recycled materials ♻️ I'm looking forward to some inspired makes today"

I wish I could find this dress-that-came-from-a-skirt, I want to wear it, even though it requires some mending!
Old picture from a TAG reception. Note phone case matches art on wall.
Best guess is 2013?
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