Sunday, May 12, 2019

Rose Shirt Rehab

I mended this last weekend, but haven't yet worked it into an outfit.
Maybe this week, maybe this combo.
[From last year. Still valid]
Or maybe for Fluevog Day (Wednesday, May 15) with The Fluevog Dress?
We shall see!

I got this from Suzanne Carillo's Etsy Shop, Vintage by Suzanne -- she posted it on Instagram or maybe her blog and I HAD to have it.
There were some fit issues.

[I had to check PayPal to find when I purchased this -- it was A YEAR AGO!]

The shirt has an unusual '90's sleeve, which you can't see at all because the print is so distracting, so I drew flats, front and back:
I could rip out the center back sleeve seam, remove a couple of pleats and make room for my shoulders. And that's what I did.
Here, everything is ripped out and ready to reconfigure. I used extra fabric from cutting off the cuffs for the patches.
I used a 1" thick piece of corrugated cardboard as my "voodoo" board.
Everything in position to sew, need to sandwich upper part of patch between the outside and inside collar stands.
Added another interior patch in the same location.
Done! Once I get my sewing machine repaired, I can add matching edge stitching at the base of the patch.
Whoa, that was a lot of detailed work!
Time to party!

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Floral Mend

I had the notion to approach Mending Mountain with parameters.
Since May is Flower Link-up Month [see end of post], I pulled all the more-or-less floral patterned dresses out of the Dress Mend box (yes, I have them all categorized by garment):
Then did a photo shoot to determine whether any were even worth the effort.
Meh. It's uncomfortable. To Poshmark it goes.
I am obviously much happier in this number.
What you can't see is the broken zipper and the 12" gap at center back at my shoulders.
It needs major work. I'll do it, later.
[And this, my friends, is exactly the reason Mending Mountain exists].
This one has the strangest interior elastic cinching situation that took me a while to figure out.
On the fence -- it IS 100% cotton
May be good for one of Anita's Poolside Movie Nights
This one is really mid-calf length and too small and I hiked it up for the photo.
I have nostalgia for this, but is it worth rehabilitating?
This is a creation with issues. First of all, the neckline is too wide.
Second, too long!
Third, transparent!
Shorter definitely better.
Originally sewn for a 20's themed Movie Night from a silk sari.
Seriously. Where is my wand? Or my herd of sheep!
Just cutting a neck slit in this linen tablecloth is clearly not the answer!
Something more form-fitting would look much better.
Sometimes a rectangle is not the best solution.
No easy mends in this batch. Sigh. What am I going to do for my MeMadeMay pledge this week?
[that's my pledge]
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Sunday, May 5, 2019

BOOM Goes Otis

I volunteered to work the Otis Centennial Scholarship Benefit & Fashion Show and I ended up in a stairwell.
I made the most of it.