Thursday, April 1, 2021

#MendMarch 2021 conclusion

 During March, I did a lot of cross stitching:

On 3/31 we had a fun mendy Zoom:

Today, I finally got the sari tunic stitched and finished!

It can be worn two ways!
Original second hand sari, obtained summer 2019

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Today is the 11th Year of SpyGirl! Not April Foolin'

 April 1, 2010 I posted this:

It was my first entry of my second fake journaling for "International Fake Journal Month".
[If you look at the Archives, there ARE "earlier" posts, but I wrote them after April and back dated them]

Do I still have any of these garments, 11 years later?
2/4 of the outfit ain't bad!
I still have the Mary Jane Clogs as well, but I couldn't find the box of broken shoes, so you get my fluffy leopard slides instead. The striped socks are long gone. The paisley leggings I was too lazy to remove.
The gauzy runner around my neck was pinned to the skirt, I think to cover a large oil spill.

Is it crazy that I still have these items? Some would say yes.
Others would say, no, repair or refashion!
The tee is actually quite comfy, though I would only wear it under something, because, stomach.

I now have to clean up the eruption of Mending Mountain that transpired while looking for the skirt.
I found lots of stuff I'd forgotten about! Mending Mountain has A LOT of skirts in it. I no longer wear full skirts.


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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

#MendMarch Update

 Yesterday, I actually FINISHED a mend.

Not being able to see what I'm sewing puts a spin on "blind hem".

And then took a selfie in it.

And was too lazy to post it to Instagram (for various technical reasons).

Did you notice my NEW SHOES?!!!!!

Fluevog Iggy
OMG! They are so beautiful!
I tried them on for sizing at Fluevog Venice, and I'm glad I did.

I needed 8s, which they didn't have in stock.
They took 10 days to arrive from Denver.
Oh, the anticipation!

(This quickly "pivoted" into a post about Fluevogs, didn't it? Haha)

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