Sunday, April 5, 2020

[Enid] The Denim Jacket Diary

Dear Diary,
I've been stuck-at-home since March 20th. I've "broken free" a couple of times with Severo for grocery shopping forays, and I've walked around the block for #freshair, but mostly I'm confined to the Digital Dungeon, "on the clock" for work-at-home.
Shelbee and Nancy are collecting images for their Good Buy/Goodbye series and I thought it'd be fun to find all the denim jacket looks hidden away here within the SpyGirl archives.

The Elvis (purchased circa 1983 in Pasadena at Die Laughing)
Good buy!
The Todd (purchased from Canal Street Jeans, NYC circa 1999)
Good buy!
The Tony (purchased in 1984 from Tony Young at Otis. It was part of his Junior year project for Guess)
Good buy.
The 80's (purchased at Goodwill in Austin TX, late 90s)
It's quilted inside! Good buy.
The Costco (purchased in 00s?)
Never wore it when it fit and now too small -- GOODBYE! You can get it on Poshmark!
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Monday, March 23, 2020

Make It Yourself March: Refashioning

Mending Mountain or Refashioning Range?
Boxes full of garments I refuse to give up on and plan to refashion.

I have them categorized:
Skirts (big box)

Skirts are a big issue for me -- I collected a lot of them from Cottage Arts, the most wonderful shop in Artesia (aka Little India). It has since closed (wah!). I don't wear them that often now -- the maxi hippie skirts are too long for the day job (I trip on the hem when ascending the stairs) and they don't work that well with my body shape. (My waist is currently convex and I have no bosom to stop them from riding up my torso).
I want to convert them into pinafores and dresses.
Like this:
Let's tour the Skirts box!. Lots of treasure!
[One week later. One week of the California's "stay-at-home" mandate. So many shiny objects, blog challenges, IG challenges, creative projects, the list goes on and on. Not to mention COVID-19 stress cooking].

I'll just show the compilation grid that I created for Instagram:
They all have stories. What I don't have is time to tell them right now.
Out of this assortment, I managed to hem this Shabby Apple skirt:
See how I've worn it before
Shortening a hem is not super aggressive refashioning, I guess it's more an alteration.
I'm hoping it'll make the skirt more appealing to me.

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