Monday, November 25, 2019

The Laurie Coat

Lesley came over for a jam making session and we got to talking about how we're going to use the "loot" we snagged at a yarn sale in Newberry Park on Saturday. She was talking plans for denim yardage and I mentioned a coat I'd seen and specced at an exhibition in Portland in June 2011.
click on the link above to see a detail
I sewed a version from sari fabric in 2012(?) and I don't think I ever posted it.
Here it is today:

I happened to have on this new abstracted leopard sweater and knew it'd look good with the coat.
Then, since the pattern on the sweater reminded me of the 80's Norma Kamali tights that I still have, I added those. (They're 100% nylon and no longer tolerable for daily wear).
And to finish it off, I dragged out my 80's Norma Kamali "elf" booties. (I no longer wear these either).
Voila! An olive casserole!

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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Let's Haiku. Linkup.

One of my favorite blog reads, Adulting – Second Half, wrote a post with her first stabs at poetry. I remember Shelbee on the Edge also was posting poetry recently. Have you had the urge to get poetic? Or did you write poetry as a teen?
from my high school art and literary magazine, 1972
Heavy influenced by Kenneth Patchen
I sure did. It seemed the best way to organize all those tumultuous teen thoughts.
And perhaps some of you are experiencing peri/menopausal emotions that might be nicely tamed in a poem. (Thanks, hormones). (I know a poem won't subdue the beast within, but it may help channel the energy in a creative way).

My response comment to Kelly got me thinking.
I like writing haiku at times. I was going to do a whole series “Haiku to My Closet” about favorite garments, which hasn’t progressed very far, but never too late to take it up again!
A recent poetry moment was in the final session of a year-long mending workshop: we were asked to sum up our activities as a short haiku-like poem since our prior meeting. It was a fun challenge!
So I introduce myself as a haiku: 
Anne M Bray, artist.
Serene road trip art, wild style,
Body as canvas.
Let's have a Haiku Linkup!
It could be a haiku to something in your closet:
original post
Or introduce yourself, as I did above.
Anything goes, as long as your link has a poem in Haiku format:
A Haiku is a Japanese short poem made up of 3 phrases with 17 syllables in it divided into 5, 7, 5.

This Link Party will stay open until 01/01/2020

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Highs and Lows of Online Secondhand Shopping

On Saturday, I experienced the distaff sides of online shopping.
Two packages, two distinct experiences.

The first that I tore into came from Suzanne Carillo's VintageBySuzanne Etsy Shop.
Look! It's a present!
Suzanne blogged about this item and as soon as I read her words "it’s just not my vibe" I pounced.
Cool buttons!
It is my vibe it most certainly!

Package number two: Fluevog Supervog Safety Oxfords, purchased on eBay.
A "smile" greeted me as I opened the envelope
(Yes, I paid $14 postage for shoes wedged into a tyvek shipping envelope without any padding).
This was not a happy smile to see:
[Thinks to self: On noooooo. Expensive cobbler repair. Let's see how they fit].
[On dear. They were very large looking].
Advertised as Size 7.5, they were MEN's 7.5.
10" footbed - 1.5" too long! And both shoes have the sole splitting issue in front.
Damn. They are really pretty (albeit heavy) shoes.
Comparing sizes: a shoe that fits, a shoe that doesn't.
I went back online to check the photos of the listing to see if I'd overlooked the flaws, and to see how the sizing had been described, but the detail photos and additional description [which I didn't know about before. EBay newbie, me] were gone.
I asked for a refund and was issued a purchase price refund, without the shipping. So perhaps this is how the seller makes his money? I don't know. I messaged the seller to see if he wanted them returned, crickets.
I guess their destiny is my Poshmark shop. Sigh.

Have you experienced any online shopping highs or lows? Do tell!

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Monday, November 11, 2019

A Glint of Gold

The Textile Arts LA "Year of Mindful Mending" with Ruth Katzenstein Souza had its final meeting last week. Ruth provided us with the golden opportunity of playing the Golden Joinery game.
From their website:
A tear in your favorite jeans? Your grandmothers silk blouse with a worn collar? They form the basis for the GOLDEN JOINERY game:
a fashion first aid
a game to wear
a treasure box
an adventurous journey
The game will be hosted by YOU. You will invite some friends, ask them to bring a dear but broken garment and together you will repair your clothes with gold. No experience needed with needle and thread, you will learn by doing.
The GOLDEN JOINERY game will offer techniques and playful interventions. The cards will guide you through the levels on the gameboard to get to the finish: your unique minicollection of garments with golden scars. They will be part of the ‘new’ fashion brand GOLDEN JOINERY, inmediately spread both online and offline.
I brought my grey Danish Schoolbag that I've had since the '80s, it had become worn at the bottom of a pocket -- so much so that I'd taped over the pocket opening with blue tape so I wouldn't accidentally put anything in there.
No before photo! Forgot, and we had to put our phones away!
Game material and tools included (from website):
deck of 27 Cards
8 Round cards
set of needles
box of pins
4 Bobbins golden thread
6 golden fabrics
a tea bag
I was so grateful for the game supplies, because the golden "thread" that I brought was wretched to work with. Refusing to go purchase thread, I pulled apart some gold chord from my "Christmas Wrap" box. Each ply of the 2-ply chord consisted of 10 threads.
It was the most devilish stuff!
Threading a needle was a challenge (even with a needle threader!) and stitching with it even more so.
I also used some provided gold vinyl -- the tear was beyond mending with mere stitching.

Here's my mend in its current state:
I used two more types of thread: lovely golden metallic thread that came with the game and gold-color embroidery floss.

All the mends:
Ruth, thank you so much for our Year of Mindful Mending. It was a wonderful experience!

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Monday, November 4, 2019

October Goals Summery

October Goals? Sure, whatever.
I did what I could, and I did pretty well.

October 10-14 I was in Houston working an art fair, sold six things.
Love those red "dots" (or whatever the geometrical term is for a quartered circle).
Two weeks later, I attended FierceCon with 33 completed "cards" of my "Fierce Deck".
A closer look at the completed cards:
click to embiggen
I plan to sketch everyone that attended!
I must admit, the sketching project was a great conversation starter.
No awkward standing around like I did in 2017.

Daily Goals: Weekly Goals: not going to bother with this
Fall Goals: reduce, reframe and focus on the positive!
Get taxes done. DONE 10/15, 9pm   :) refunds (:  

Steps taken in my "self-directed MFA in Textiles at Anne M Bray U"
[don't ask about the curriculum][haha]
10/6 Bauhaus Beginnings exhibition, Getty, walkthrough with curator
10/19 Digital Weaving, Physical Computing (beginning Coding) IG post
10/22 Started Four Questions virtual mapping project -  click here to answer the questions!
10/26 Digital Weaving, Physical Computing (more Coding, plus basic weaving) IG post
10/30 Started Daily Detritus paper weavings series from trash generated at work
Daily Detritus: 10/30 from 10/29, color laser print paper weaving, triptych each 3x3", ©2019

Do you have any sort of "To Do" list? Or maybe a "Honey Do"?
I'll report back again at the end of the November.

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

FierceCon 2019 -- the Power of Kindness

What? FierceCon was last weekend? Where does the time go?
WHAT is FierceCon? The tag line is "It’s not a Conference. It’s a Connection! Celebrating and empowering women at Midlife & Beyond." It's the brain child of Catherine Grace O'Connell and I encourage all of my over-40 female friends to consider attending in 2020. It was amazing. Yes, I've imbibed the Kool-aid.

I will probably [read hopefully] write more about my experience eventually.
[Including my project to sketch everyone that attended].
This post is about what I wore, as documented by others [credit given if I recall photographer].

Friday. The Fluevog Dress.
With Rena Perez of Fine.Whatever
We are brandishing the mini cards I had printed of the sketches I'd completed in time for printing.
I had a professional photoshoot with Courtney Paige Ray and wanted to have photos in The Dress, wearing Fluevogs, and showcasing my Fluevog Shoe Art.
photo by Courtney Paige Ray
Saturday day. The Kimono fabric Tunic
We are the Leopard Squad!
Lana Lindgren, Jill Lorentz, Amy Kennedy, Deb Gutierrez [shoes, can't see]
Saturday Gala. The BOOM! tunic.
In the hotel bar before the "Gala" party.
photo by the bartendress
Barbie Holmes, Sophie Davies, BOOM!

Sunday. The "tribal" tunic. The one I hand sewed on a bus.
photo by Paula Griffin
With Theresa Martin and wearing her super light leather earrings [gifted, link to similar].
The Faces of Fierce on Sunday morning. Catherine is reclining center front.
photo: Mike Castagna
Looking at these photos brings back the super fun time that I had and all the new friends that I've made. Really, consider joining in next year! I'll sketch you!

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