Wednesday, May 5, 2021

#thevintagefashionchallenge Day 5: Pink

 I featured the Pink crinoline in today's Instagram post:

The first photo was at Otis College, Spring 1987.
I'm wearing a black boatneck top that I sewed out of blackout flannel, a black velvet belt with rhinestone buckle, the pink crinoline under a shirred prairie skirt, uncomfortable lace tights, the black "witch" shoes I featured on IG on Day 2.

The second photo was used in Bag and a Beret's  2013 edition of VOGOFF
See my post with outtakes

I'm wearing:
Black nylon/spandex bubble knit tube dress -- Trash and Vaudeville, NYC 80s
Pink petticoat -- Cowboys and Poodles on Melrose, LA? Screaming Mimi's, NYC? 80s
Red/black stripe cotton/spandex leggings -- Betsey Johnson 79(?)
Booties -- Norma Kamali 85
African bracelets + necklaces -- Jone Pasha, Providence RI, 80s
Jumbo Chain necklace -- Patucci, The Front Porch, Providence RI, 80s
Sunglasses -- vintage from optician Providence, RI 80s

I no pink patches from the quilt today.
Patch fatigue has set in (already).

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

#thevintagefashionchallenge Day 4: Yellow

 On Instagram, I showcased my old favorite 50's cotton sateen dress that I wore until I couldn't squeeze myself into it any more (and the extremely interfaced bosom became absurd when I lacked boobs).

After posting, I put some scraps of it into a Stitching Meditation, a new series that I started this month:

No patches from the dress on the quilt. The Fluevog sandals, however, are there:
This was a strikeoff that I had to order from Spoonflower in order to make it available in my Spoonflower shop
Fluevog Sandal Clog

Last year, during my big quilt mend, I discovered the Petal Cotton makes for excellent patches.
I've got a bunch more designs I need to proof, maybe it's time to put in an order.

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Sunday, May 2, 2021

#thevintagefashionchallenge Day 2: Throwback

 For the Throwback prompt, I give you the 50's Launay print that I sewed into a tunic in the late 80s.

The Textile Binder has two Launay swatches, I wonder what I did with the upper one...

I thought I'd written a post about the print itself, but can't find it.
I really like this scribbly print style, which to me has a Parisian 50's vibe to it.

On the quilt:

The outfit:

Saturday, May 1, 2021

#thevintagefashionchallenge Day 1: Hello!

The Vintage Fashion Challenge is an Instagram event hosted by
@iliveinmylab, @makethislook, and @tinyangrycrafts.

I'll be investigating individual patches on the Crazy Quilt and telling their stories, both on IG (short form verbiage) and here, longer posts with links.

Here's my intro video that I posted incorrectly on IG:

For Day 2 (which I combined with Day 1 on the IG post) I actually donned an entire vintage outfit!

Here is one of the pages I was waving around in the video from my Otis Fashion Textile Class Binder:

I'm going over some of the original pencil in ink, as my instructor suggested in 1985.


1) The African knockoff print

I still have the top I made out of this! It was hanging behind me in the above video. Lou decided it was a lovely cat napping station after I left it on the bed. (Sorry, no documentation).

I think I bought this yardage at my favorite fabric shop in Poughkeepsie, NY in the '70s.
The top was sewn in 1973.

2) The Vintage Floral 

This one I bought at Pilgrim Mills in Providence, RI. There used to be a lot of fabric mills in the Providence area and Pilgrim was an outlet for mill ends. Sewn in 1981, it started as a retro boatneck fit-and-flair dress.
I recently found an old slide with me wearing the dress, but since I'm already so late in posting this, I'll come back and add it later!

Other notes: 
Did a full rendering of this print in gouache, plus a colorway for an Otis class. Another thing to hunt for.
I refurbished this into a skirt (currently lives on Mending Mountain).

On the quilt, not sure if any patches have lasted.
This one, in the upper left corner, I covered - look how faded it got!

3) The Couch Fabric 

This covered a love seat that my parents gave me when I moved to Manhattan in 1977.
It was my paternal grandmother's, I still have it (in storage in the garage).
Again, a photo search for another day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Turn a Skirt into a Dress

 Or is it a pinafore?

repeat of an old photo in the old office from July 2020

Shelbee wanted me to post directions on how I did this transformation.
I looked through the skirts that need rehabbing. They require too much work! 

Here, instead, are close-up shots of the straps.

All hand stitched!

I used 1" width leopard print grosgrain ribbon. 
For the length, cut two longer than you think you'll need. Position with safety pins (inside or outside the waist of the skirt), put the skirt on, and fine tune the fit. Then, stitch!

Happy refashioning!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I Sketched!

 Gosh, it's probably been a year and a half since I last sketched!

This is my design for Lady Gaga if she were to wear the Neptune Fluevog and dress from her shoes up:

The shoe:
This Sunday is Oscar time.
I will be live sketching!
Follow my progress via Instagram

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

#MendMarch 2021 conclusion

 During March, I did a lot of cross stitching:

On 3/31 we had a fun mendy Zoom:

Today, I finally got the sari tunic stitched and finished!

It can be worn two ways!
Original second hand sari, obtained summer 2019

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Today is the 11th Year of SpyGirl! Not April Foolin'

 April 1, 2010 I posted this:

It was my first entry of my second fake journaling for "International Fake Journal Month".
[If you look at the Archives, there ARE "earlier" posts, but I wrote them after April and back dated them]

Do I still have any of these garments, 11 years later?
2/4 of the outfit ain't bad!
I still have the Mary Jane Clogs as well, but I couldn't find the box of broken shoes, so you get my fluffy leopard slides instead. The striped socks are long gone. The paisley leggings I was too lazy to remove.
The gauzy runner around my neck was pinned to the skirt, I think to cover a large oil spill.

Is it crazy that I still have these items? Some would say yes.
Others would say, no, repair or refashion!
The tee is actually quite comfy, though I would only wear it under something, because, stomach.

I now have to clean up the eruption of Mending Mountain that transpired while looking for the skirt.
I found lots of stuff I'd forgotten about! Mending Mountain has A LOT of skirts in it. I no longer wear full skirts.


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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

#MendMarch Update

 Yesterday, I actually FINISHED a mend.

Not being able to see what I'm sewing puts a spin on "blind hem".

And then took a selfie in it.

And was too lazy to post it to Instagram (for various technical reasons).

Did you notice my NEW SHOES?!!!!!

Fluevog Iggy
OMG! They are so beautiful!
I tried them on for sizing at Fluevog Venice, and I'm glad I did.

I needed 8s, which they didn't have in stock.
They took 10 days to arrive from Denver.
Oh, the anticipation!

(This quickly "pivoted" into a post about Fluevogs, didn't it? Haha)

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Spring Ahead

All about the green!
New Gudrun Sjödén colorblocked cardi:

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Monday, March 8, 2021

A "Pop" of Color

Happy Int'l Women's Day.
Hey, every day is our day, right? 

Anyhow, I think I AM a pop of color. Sometimes the whole rainbow in one outfit! Haha.

Today, I am wearing my upgraded lounging around look.
So much better than the too short chenille sweater that didn't cover my butt and wasn't warm enough for our unheated Los Angeles ranch house AND the saggy yoga pants that I got out of the sample box at the day job eons ago.
I may have already posted a photo of that ensemble. Not today!

Everyday Tibetan wool hat with fleece liner - obtained in Brooklyn, 2012
Cool Glitch scarf from Glitch Textiles
My new everyday alpaca sweater from RoseUniqueStyle on Etsy
Oversized black turtleneck from Land's End, very old
Lularoe leggings from Poshmark - those are camera graphics
New fluffy slides from Amazon (size too big and I don't care)
[links not affiliated, I just like it all]
The Glitch scarf bears a closeup. It is SO COOL!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

#MendMarch 2021

Happy March! Have you started your mending yet?
I got a jump start last month by stitching up the front of this Ketzali "kimono" that I got off of Poshmark last April (!!!).
It was a super quick mend/ refurbish. Why did it take almost a year to accomplish? WHY?
This is the reason I participate in #mendMarch
I require a good Instagram challenge.

Whether you follow the IG prompts or not, do join in the mending circle below:

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Mend March is coming!

Here are the Mend March prompts from Kate Sekules of @visiblemend
Oh do I have things to mend or refashion. The piles get bigger and bigger!
I've included three things in the link party below that I abandoned last summer.

Let's have another virtual mending circle -- add future, in progress, or completed mend links below: 

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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Out-fit and Out with COVID Hair

I've gone on THREE errands this week. Shocking! Severo is our official designated errand person, especially now that he is halfway inoculated.

Today, I wore my recently upgraded inside outfit (fun leggings vs saggy lounge pants) with an additional "skirt" (really it's a cowl thing that Jean made from a sweater) and turned it into an outside outfit:

We went out together to get breakfast-to-go from EggSlut.
I figured out the recipe and you can find it here!

About that COVID hair:
Fresh cut!
I seem to have finally emerged from my Fall/ Winter hibernation.
You'll be hearing a lot more chatter from me!

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