Monday, September 6, 2021

80's Vibe

 Maybe you saw this in my Instagram:

It was a "Lost 80's Live" night at the Greek Theater, Severo's debut on that venue's stage as bassist for The Romantics. He kindly got me a ticket, as the comped guest ticket situation was, um, messed up.
As Dez says, "Are these my seats?"
There were 13 bands on the bill, to perform in a 3-hour window, with set changes for every band.
Doing "concert math", that equals 1-2 songs for most bands. The Romantics played two hits: Talking in Your Sleep and What I Like About You. Severo did great! There's a video (not mine) at the end of this.

But how about my outfit?

Let's start with the black and white things:
Fluevog Checkerboard dress, my art,  Redbubble
Checkerboard leggings, $2.99, Telco discount shop in Brooklyn

Striped socks, I think these were part of a Uniqlo sock bundle. Nope.

Zebra print Dansko clogs, Poshmark, 2017

And, to top it off, the Ungaro silk harlequin shirt:
Fabulous $6 find at the Santa Monica Antiques Market, 2018
Read more about it

Let's rock:

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Friday, August 20, 2021

Black and White and Scrappy Squares

My posts are all about the Scrappy Squares these days, aren't they?
Can't be helped, they're top of mind, as I do all the prep for the 50|50 group show they'll be in.
Here's my "Title" page:

click to embiggen
I did do one totally black and white Scrappy, the "Leo

Instead, I want to highlight the "Stephanie", for which I destroyed two skirts:
"Stephanie" was named for a certain person who wants a certain fabric used herein.
Stephanie is on socials and keeps her ID on the downlow, hence no link. 

One of the skirts, before destruction:
It's fraternal twin, in a more deconstructed state:
sometimes, in the frenzy of creation, I forget to take the "before" shots

So, what's the back story on these skirts?

I got them both at a place in Venice called DBA (that resold designer discards like Ross, but not a chain), sometime when I was already working at "The Panty Factory" (my nickname for the day job, designing prints for underwear and loungewear). Maybe 2006? The floral caught my eye as a potential panty print, the dot, well, polkadots! They were only $12, and a nice 100% cotton percale.

When I stopped wearing most of my skirts (too many cupcakes), I put the dot skirt up for sale on Poshmark. The floral never got posted, not sure why.

And then the Scrappy Squares got hungry for fresh textiles, and, riiiiiiiiip went the skirts.
As I said in the previous post, everything is fair game in Scrappy Square creation!

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Stripes in Peril, part 2
Striped Chambray Skirt

 Not much left of this one!

It started life as a skirt (underskirt?) that Tony Young designed for a Mentor Project with Guess Jeans in 1987. I won the auction for the outfit which also included a cropped jean jacket (still have!) and a denim overskirt (sadly became badly mildewed during a roof leak eons ago and tossed).

[need sketch. sorry]

I redesigned the top of skirt by eliminating the waistband and shirring and instead formed inverted pleats and backed them with a muslin facing. The styling was reminiscent of my most favorite striped skirt from high school.

I still hardly ever wore it. Maybe the stripes were too preppy?
I was going to list it on Poshmark, but when taking photos, I noticed a lot of stains. It went into "The Pile", there was a lot of usable fabric in it.

Perfect for Scrappy Squares!

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Monday, August 9, 2021

Stripes in Peril, part 1
Striped Lounge Pants

All the stripe garments I've destroyed for Scrappy Squares, part 1.
It's not "Goodbye", it's "Hello new art".

I'm in my final week of creating one piece of art every day for 50 days.
Titled "Scrappy Squares", these are weavings made with textile scraps using a rug knotting technique. At this point, almost any textile in the house is fair game.

The first to go, before the official series even started, were my COVID Uniform lounge pants. The spandex had died, the legs grew about 4", and I was tripping on them. 

not exactly the same pants but you get the idea

Stripey, link to artwork details

I paired the stripe with another pair of lounge pants for the first piece in the series:

Wendy, link to artwork details

Other pieces using the black and white stripe:

I still haven't used up every last bit (I had two pairs of them). I'm holding on to the cut pieces with the pink overlock. Well, to be honest, all the pieces:

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

I Match My Art!

I'm wearing 2/3 of the textiles used in this:

"Anne" Scrappy Square, 7.21.2021

The rayon black/white circuit print tunic is an old favorite. It has many a story to tell.
I found extra remnants to use in the Scrappy Square.

The rose print skirt/pinafore (which I hastily safety pinned to the tunic for the first photo) was almost completely sacrificed to the Scrappy chopping block. It never worked as a skirt:
back view here
It will work as a summer pinafore!
I could have sworn I have more yardage, but never found it, so I gradually tore strips off the hem for the Scrappy Square, preserving as much as I could of the skirt-soon-to-be-dress.

Many garments are falling victim to the Scrappies. I've started ruthlessly raiding my Poshmark Closet.

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Friday, July 16, 2021

What does a Forty Year Old Pop Tart Look Like?

 No, silly, not the food!

I deconstructed my old "Pop Tart" tee to use in the Scrappy Square project.
See how I used the fabric strips in the Black and White piece.
I forgot to take a photo of the tee intact, here's the graphic:

One of my early Photoshop efforts, '95? '96?
I put an actual Pop Tart directly on the scanner!
Had the art made into a heat transfer at Kinko's.

I will freely admit, in 1995, at age 39, I became a Pop Tart in the LA pop music scene.
Won't go into the sordid details, will leave it at "I had fun". Heh.

Here is an old photo from that time, "rocking" the look:
1998, with Pat DiNizio (RIP), Len?, Severo at Coney Island High gig in NYC
I'm 42, Fiorucci tee purchased in 1978

Here's how I wore the same boy's size 14 tee in 1976:
outside the art studios, College of Creative Studies, UC Santa Barbara

There's NO WAY I could wedge myself into a tee that small now!
Only a memory...
This one has Severo in it:

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The Tired Tie Dye Skirt/ Dress

I think I got this at Old Navy? In the beach coverup area?
Or maybe it was Ross.
One of those, in downtown Santa Monica.
All I remember is, it was super cheap. [Which is why fast fashion can be so hard to resist].

Skirt or Dress?

Yes, I'm cavorting on the back patio almost naked. 

I tried, and failed, to find an old selfie wearing this as a skirt. Not found with the tag "tie dye" here, maybe I never posted it. Then I scoured my Tumblr Archive as far back as 2015. Nada. Gave up. (I use Tumbr to quickly access my old Instagram posts. Though my annembray share link has been broken for months. I need to link manually. Boring, sigh).

Currently, it had been taking an extended stay on Mending Mountain - the elastic smocking on the waistband had died. It will now become a dress. After I tunnel new elastic through the top of the waistband. As you can see, I already installed some straps.

Last year, it took and unexpected turn as art!
This transpired through the conjunction of

  • taking some photos of the tie dye stripes for possible use at the day job
  • uploading an app called Momento (only iPhone?) that builds videos from stills
  • an online art collaboration with Angela Izzo
The first video:
See what happened next here!

Included with Shelbee and Nancy's Good Buy/ Goodbye July feature "Tie Dye"
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Monday, June 28, 2021

Am I using my time wisely?

Yep, it finally happened.
Over the the past few months, my paid hours at the day job have been steadily dwindling
2/10 - no more than 19.5 hours/week (was 32 hours/week prior)
6/21 zero


So what have I been doing instead?

Scrappy Squares!

test models

"Wendy" the first official piece for the 50|50 Exhibition
This is an ongoing project that officially started 6/28/21.
Each artist juried into the show will be creating one new piece of art on 6x6" panels for 50 days.
I'm rug knot weaving textile scraps onto the panels.
Here's what the back looks like:
The exhibition will be at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, CA, 9/10 - 10/10/21
All the art will be uploaded on my Art website on a daily basis. Click here to see them all!

The Big Blanket Mend

I decided to join two old twin "horse blankets" that are both full of moth holes into one.
As always happens with things I repair on the coffee table, Mr Lou thinks it makes a great bed.

note how he plants himself exactly where I'm sewing

Fluevog Shoe Art

I have sketched Fluevog shoes going on four years now.
Uploading the art to Redbubble and Spoonflower helps garner some income.
Happy to report that all of the 2021 sketches and repeats are available on both sites.
Now working my way through 2019's sketches.

There's more, but I think that's enough news for now.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Fierce Con 2019 Fashion Sketches on my new Portfolio Website

I created this post as an experiment to see what would happen!
The images come from a cloud-based art archive service that I recently signed up for.
It works! And wow! You can click on an image to see it bigger! Woohoo!
Additional observations: It's a "live" collection - as I add images to the Archive Collection, they show up here.
The java script made my blog layout strange (just for this post). Click on Home to regain normalcy!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Mega Mend

 5/28, in backwards order:

6/21, trouble brewing on the back side:
It never ends!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

#thevintagefashionchallenge Day 28: Something Changed

 I turn 65 in 5 days (but who's counting? haha).

When I think about the beginning of my vintage and used clothing journey, and where I am now...
Things have changed.

If I remember correctly, my first Vintage purchases were a 50's 16-gored Mexican skirt and a 40's style plaid dress. I got them at a church tag sale in Troy NY. They cost under a dollar! I was 14.
Those were my days of a fit and flair silhouette. And those days lasted for about 35 years.

And Then Something Changed: my body!

Goodbye breasts!
Hello stomach!

It took me a while to get comfortable in my new shape.
A lot of those experiments happened here on SpyGirl.

I'm happy in my skin.
Sad about all the skirts that don't work as skirts any more.
My pile of refashioning remains high.
Not giving up.


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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

#thevintagefashionchallenge Day 5: Pink

 I featured the Pink crinoline in today's Instagram post:

The first photo was at Otis College, Spring 1987.
I'm wearing a black boatneck top that I sewed out of blackout flannel, a black velvet belt with rhinestone buckle, the pink crinoline under a shirred prairie skirt, uncomfortable lace tights, the black "witch" shoes I featured on IG on Day 2.

The second photo was used in Bag and a Beret's  2013 edition of VOGOFF
See my post with outtakes

I'm wearing:
Black nylon/spandex bubble knit tube dress -- Trash and Vaudeville, NYC 80s
Pink petticoat -- Cowboys and Poodles on Melrose, LA? Screaming Mimi's, NYC? 80s
Red/black stripe cotton/spandex leggings -- Betsey Johnson 79(?)
Booties -- Norma Kamali 85
African bracelets + necklaces -- Jone Pasha, Providence RI, 80s
Jumbo Chain necklace -- Patucci, The Front Porch, Providence RI, 80s
Sunglasses -- vintage from optician Providence, RI 80s

I no pink patches from the quilt today.
Patch fatigue has set in (already).

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

#thevintagefashionchallenge Day 4: Yellow

 On Instagram, I showcased my old favorite 50's cotton sateen dress that I wore until I couldn't squeeze myself into it any more (and the extremely interfaced bosom became absurd when I lacked boobs).

After posting, I put some scraps of it into a Stitching Meditation, a new series that I started this month:

No patches from the dress on the quilt. The Fluevog sandals, however, are there:
This was a strikeoff that I had to order from Spoonflower in order to make it available in my Spoonflower shop
Fluevog Sandal Clog

Last year, during my big quilt mend, I discovered the Petal Cotton makes for excellent patches.
I've got a bunch more designs I need to proof, maybe it's time to put in an order.

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