Friday, September 6, 2019

#SecondHandSeptember Decluttering Methods

Who out there is neat and tidy?
I fully admit that I am not.

Some might call it a "creative mess".
I know, in my soul, it's simply a mess.
I even put it as a disclaimer on my Instagram bio:

Let's talk Instagram decluttering.

You've probably seen an ad in your feed for making your Instagram "cleaner".
[I can't show you the actual ad because I ticked "See it too often" and now that I want to utilize it, it's not appearing. Watch, it'll return after I publish this post. Will add after I next see it].
Anyway, it shows example #1, a chaotic feed that looks much like this:
Next is example #2, a feed with a consistent color story and alternating images and blocks of text, like this (blurred to protect the innocent. I'm not dissing the IGer, I'm dissing the layout):
Personally, example #2 looks bland and boring and I don't want to read all that text.

[9/10] - here's the IG ad

I do agree that example #1 looks like my brain and is a bit scary. Here's another glimpse:

My personal solution (and let's all agree, it's YOUR feed, and you can post whatever and however you want) is to be more mindful and restrain myself to three posts a day. This then lines up like with like in the IG grid of three:

This I find especially difficult on the weekends because I'm usually not taking outfit photos and I'm doing fun stuff that I want to share! [See bottom row above].
So, I'm letting it all hang out on the weekends and reining myself back in during the work week.

We won't discuss the state of my house. It's not digital and less easily controlled.
Ha! Check out my 9/9 post -- the flat files got magically cleaned up!
Today (9/10), it looks even worse than above.
I got a new-to-me piece of furniture and chaos ensued.

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