Saturday, September 7, 2019

#SecondhandSeptember This Week's Thrifty Find

Since I'm trying (and already failed at) a #NoPurchaseSeptember, my "thrifty finds" will be second hand items that I've recently rediscovered amidst my clutter.

Its easy! All I have to do is go through one of my boxes of stuff! And maybe put the item where it belongs! Haha.

I didn't even do that. I looked at my shoe shelf at all the Fall Fluevogs I've amassed off eBay and put on a pair.
(They're "Fall" Fluevogs because it's been too hot to wear them).
I got these in June for $49 and they're NEW! Absolutely no wear on the soles.
I love all the detailing. And they're super comfy!

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