Friday, November 25, 2016

The Fashion Rainbow Book!

Exciting news -- I made a book with the 52 Fashion Rainbow blogger portraits!
There is a 2 page spread for each of the 52.
Here's is mine:
It is available on Blurb in various formats at this link (yes, I get a commission).
It's an 8 x 5" size, either paper or hardback.
PLUS, Blurb is having a 50% off sale through 11/29 -- use the code BEST50 [not true, alas].
The ebook format didn't seem to upload, so if you have an interest, let me know and I'll wrestle with it.

Speaking of sales, Society6 is having a 20% off with international free shipping (customs duty still applies) through 11/28. I've been working up some customized items as requests come in. Since I'm not teaching on Saturday, I've got more free time than usual, so leave a comment on any post if you want your mug on a mug, notebook, or whatever. This link to Jodie's card or the 52 blogger print will give you a good idea of the various items available. (I get a commission from Society6 sales too).

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fashion Rainbow at TAG Gallery and Society6

You saw the 52 blogger portraits in my back yard.
Here they are hanging in the gallery!
(Sorry, not the best of photos)
Here's my compilation file of everyone:
(click on image to see larger)
See the rainbow?
I want to thank all my muses for your inspiring and colorful outfits!

Not only are the 52 bloggers hung at the gallery, the image above is available on all sorts of items at Society6.
Here's a new product that they print on, an 8 x 6" notebook:
Yes, I will get a small commission from Society6 if you purchase my stuff.
I'm quite pleased with the mug:
Linking up with Shelbee's #SpreadTheKindness linkup.
We could all use a little kindness right now, yes?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fashion Rainbow Update

Today I had a burst of energy and got some organizing done for my upcoming show.

Here are the 52 Over-40 sketches, shot laid out in the back yard:
They are 6x4" and coated with 3/4" of acrylic.

I'm also half-way through the "wall label" which will have QR codes to everyones blogs.
QR codes are similar to bar codes, yet better -- they link to a URL. With a QR Reader app on your smart device, when you hold your device up to a code, it will jump to a blog. (If you're reading this on a computer, try it!)
When I get it finished, I'll make a downloadable pdf of it.

Be sure to let me know if you're coming to the 40+ Meetup, especially the Friday December 2 event at the gallery.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fashion Rainbow Sketches

I've been working diligently on new sketches for my exhibition Fashion Rainbow, at TAG Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, November 22 - December 17. I'm happy to say that I got the final set of over-40 fashion/style blogger drawings sent off to the printer last week. I'll be showing the sketches as a grid of 52 acrylic blocks arranged in a color spectrum. Some of the art is from the SpyGirl archives and some is new.

I made an effort to sketch everyone that signed up for the 40+ Blogger Meetup that I've "organized" [term used VERY loosely] for the weekend of December 2-4. More details here.

Jodie, Nancy, and Charlotte can all be found on Jodie's Touch of Style. They can't make it to the meet-up, but they'll be in the exhibition!

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Go Fish

Patti featured this sketch last week in her "Why I Like Instagram" post.
It's one of my lunch break selfie sketches. (To see them all filtered by the hashtag on Tumblr, click here).

Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Stripes and School

I've added more teaching to my plate and am adjusting to my new schedule.
Here's what I wore to work on Thursday (the print design job) and Saturday (teaching).
I'm still selfie sketching during lunch break Tues-Thurs.
These I post on Instagram.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

#tbt The Bathing Suit

Enter the time machine, back to the 80s again:
I'm in a sassy bikini that I sewed, camping in Mexico.

Ah, bikini days are long gone!
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

#tbt Summer Sandals

Here I am, in my typical 1980's hiking attire:
Yes, focus on my feet! I am wearing Chinese plastic sandals.
You know, they're really great for hiking. Ha!

32 years later, I still wear the same style.

School may have started, but summer weather isn't over!
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Sunday, August 14, 2016

December Over-40 Blogger Meetup and Artwork

18 of you kindly signed up for the LA December 2-4 Meetup newsletter. I'm finally writing sending the first one out today! Hotel info is in it (thank you Pao!) plus more or less the same "schedule" as this post I wrote last month (which I didn't locate until after I'd written the newsletter. Sigh.)
If anyone is concerned about getting bombarded with email newsletters -- you can put those fears to rest now. You are also welcome to sign up even if you know that you can't make it. If you're on the newsletter list, you get benefits!
(Do I know what they are? Ha. Not saying).

Sign up here:

Subscribe to the 40+ Blogger Meet-Up mailing list

fill in boxes, email required

Meanwhile, back in the "studio"...

Next to my keyboard is this disheveled mess:
In the digital realm, it is much more organized:
I am having the above portraits (and more) printed at 6 x 4" with an acrylic coating.
I plan to have at least 54.
My first test run:
SJ gave me a great hanging suggestion to use Command Hanging Strips, which deploy a strong velcro-like grip system with an adhesive backing. (If you click on the link, you will see MC Hammer. I kid you not! I'm not trying to get affiliate click$$$, promise!)

I found a jumbo pack of them at Costco on Friday:
I'm testing them out on my dirty untreated wall and so far, so good.

Friday, August 12, 2016

#tbt Summer Sunglasses

Doesn't this photo from 1993 say everything there is to say about summer?
Reading a book on the beach, wind-blown sea-salted hair, happy relaxed smile.
The location is Watch Hill, RI. The book is "Morgan's..." [something from the canon of English literature -- can't ID]. Granted, the the book isn't your typical beach read, I probably found it on the shelves at the rental.

Here's another:
Summer 1982 at Jone Pasha's home in Jamestown, RI, watching the Tall Ships sail up Narragansett Bay.
(If I ever locate the rest of the photos from that party, I'll write another post about it).

I still have those sunglasses! And their sibling!
I got them from an optometrist who was located on Thayer Street in Providence.
He had an amazing collection of vintage frames.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

#tbt August = The Dog Days of Summer

It's summer in the northern hemisphere -- is it hot enough for you?
[I had no idea that was Nat King Cole singing that! Thanks YouTube!] 

It's the first Thursday in August, and time for a new #tbt Linkup theme: The Dog Days of Summer 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Sunday in Malibu

Fun in the shade at the Malibu Pier! Selfie with Anita, the mastermind of our get together.
[My sunglasses frames are c/o Ditto.] 
It was a Sunday Funday in Malibu with Anita, Elle, Gina, and Laura. We had lunch at the Malibu Pier Farm Cafe, lounged around on the pier's upper deck, and walked the grounds of the Adamson House (which overlooks the Malibu Lagoon). 
Elle and me inside at the Malibu Pier Farm Cafe.
Beauty shot of Anita in Ranch at the Pier, a cute shop on the upper deck.
She got her Marni purse at a sample sale for only $5!!!

Laura caught me catching her.
Gina, Laura, Anita

Random wedding reception. Nice location, right?
Selfies can be hard work! Photo by Laura.

Anita caught me capturing the scene.
Love how the colors of this doorway at the Adamson House mirror the colors of my Malibu surf shot above it.
Gina views the Malibu Lagoon scene
Laura and me on the terrace of the Adamson House, photo by Anita.
In a hat for Style Crone's Hat Attack!
Also linking with Patti's Visible Monday,
Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like,
My Refined Style,
Shelbee's On the Edge of the Week,
(and maybe more)
It was a fun-filled day with lots of laughs. Next time, we won't do it on a Sunday at the peak of the summer season. OMG, the traffic and the parking were a nightmare!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

#tbt Fashion Rosebud: The Sundress

Back in the olden days, when I had a waist (and a bust, for that matter), I had a cache of 50's sundresses.
This was one of my favorites:
1996, Estes Park, CO
Twill shirt now a studio apron.
The Sundress, skirt portion lost in Repair Mountain.
Fluevog clog sandals, still going strong! 
The bodice was reinforced (really!) with interfacing so no bra was required (in fact, it gave me a bigger, more 50's bosom). PERFECT for summer and for summer roadtrips! I wore it so much, the left side straps got shredded from the friction against my seatbelt.
To me, that dress says: summer, the open road, destination unknown.

Have a garment that whispers summers past? Link and tell!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Striped Rejuvination

This piece of green-striped rayon has been through several sartorial permutations.
I'm too hot and grumpy to search for a photo of it's first incarnation today. 
Maybe I'll add it later -- it was a strappy empire waist undergarment for an olive green poufy skirt that I wore with a red Chinese dragon print corset-style top. Or maybe I'll sketch it for you. Later. 

Next, I turned it into a tunic and wore it. A lot.
Oh look, that's when I had pansies next to the metal tub!
And the old favorite clog-style mules!
(I just grabbed the first photo that popped up).
It was starting to irritate me this summer. I want to wear as few garments as possible and the narrowness of where it hit on my arms was NOT GOOD.
Layering was not going well, it was too long:
So in one of my trying to get an outfit for the day frenzies, I ripped 7" off the hem:
Aaaaah. Better proportions. AND NOW I had fabric to use for sleeves!
Yay me!
You remember my new mission to put sleeves on everything, right? 
This is the third revamp in three months. Slow going -- at this rate, Repair Mountain will recede in maybe five years. Ha.

In addition, new shoes:
Mexican huraches purchased on Olvera St, downtown LA. $22, new! Super comfy!
Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday.
Because hidden biceps and visible knees.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

#tbt Reminiscing on Reminiscence

It's more family-portraits-for-the-Christmas-card outtakes, circa early 1980s:
Today, we put our focus on my legs! the 3/4 sleeve boatneck top, which I wore WAY tighter than this mannequin:
[I can't believe it still exists! Thank you Google! Source: Reminiscence
I had at least a dozen.

Reminiscence is a boutique in NYC that became well known for inexpensive garment-dyed and retro-inspired sportswear and quirky accessories and gifts. Aline Smithson first introduced me to the shop in 1978, when we both still lived on the upper west side. After I moved to Providence, and started a costume jewelry line, they bought my glass bead earrings and necklaces (I'm now slowly adding old inventory to Poshmark. You may have to sign in to see the link).

In Providence, my main form of employment was Patucci and Mark's store The Front Porch. They resold many items from Reminiscence, and I purchased a lot of their tops, jeans (the balloon leg jean! Yeah!), and shorts. Fun times. HOW did we ever make a living? I have no idea.

Did you have a favorite tee that defined a stage in your life?
Add to the Fashion Rosebud linkup!