I started SpyGirl as an art project in fake journaling in 2010.
My SpyGirl avatar
Here's the story about how I found her.
I now have fully embraced and joined the world of Fashion blogging.
SpyGirl is my live Fashion Art performance piece, broadcasted via this blog.

Along with sporadic sketchbook projects, I post outfit photos:
"Hello from the side of my house in western Los Angeles!"
Here I am in the same outfit but looking like a supermodel

And other random stuff that catches my fancy.
I have 5 other blogs [see Google+ profile on the sidebar], but SpyGirl grabs most of my attention.
Fashion is FUN, when I'm designing for myself.

Some background:

• 1974-76  Studied Fine Art at The College of Creative Studies, UC Santa Barbara, CA
1977-78 Lived in NYC, upper west side
1979-82 Lived in Providence, RI
1982 Moved to Los Angeles area
1983-87 BFA in Fashion Design, OTIS College of Art and Design
1987-89 Design Assistant for Rosemary Brantley
1989-1994 Barbie Doll Designer, Mattel Toys

Four years at Mattel totally burned me out on fashion design and I quit to return to my original creative passion: fine art. Lack of funds spurred me to pursue freelance gigs, including a part-time return to Mattel, where I worked on Cabbage Patch Dolls.

1995-2005, 2015-now Instructor: Digital Design for Fashion, OTIS College of Art and Design Fashion Dept
• 2005-now Surface Designer for mass-market loungewear and underwear.
2001-now Instructor: Digital Design for Fashion and Textiles, OTIS College of Art and Design Cont Ed Dept

In 2014, I embarked on a massive art project entitled On the Edge:US. I circumnavigated the contiguous US states, driving over 10,000 miles solo, and taking lots and lots of research photos. Read more here.

In 2016, I plan to mount a fashion blogger themed show at TAG Gallery

At 57, I can say: I love what I'm doing.

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