Sunday, December 22, 2019

Stitching the World Project

Don't mind me, I've been rearranging the world:
Then I added denim patches:
It just seemed more interesting
What are my plans for this?

Two months ago I asked these four questions on my Pattern Recognition blog:
I decided to add an audience participation element to two Art Fair applications that I submitted in the fall.
There will be the questions to answer, embroidery floss to stitch with, and (hopefully) a dedicated Stitching Crew helping with the whole thing. I'm printing The Rearranged World on a Redbubble medium-size wall hanging, which fits nicely on a king-size bed.

I was accepted into the StARTup LA fair, February 14-16 at the Hotel Kinney Venice Beach, where this idea will be put into practice. Meanwhile, there will be preliminary collective stitching meetups  during the Sundays leading up to the fair. If you're in the greater LA area and want to join in, drop me an email.

If you'd like to add your responses to the Four Questions, 
click on this link to see the color chart and  access the form.

Next, I want to design some sort World Map textile repeat, so I can wear the world during the art fair.

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Fur Real and Faux

Shelbee and Nancy are presenting their monthly Good Buy/Goodbye series with the theme Fur next week. They are soliciting outfit photos involving fur items.

I realized I have quite the collection!
I gathered up All Most of the Fur Things.
Put them in a heap, Marie Kondo style.
Mr Lou, my favorite Fur Thing, escaped when the pile got too big.
Assessed my collection!
Do they "spark joy"?
Oh, YES!

Shelbee style, I'm going to show you some "greatest hits" from the past:
I gave this one away, it no longer fit.
Here's one particular item of note that I got from my Great Aunt Carol:
A grey cashmere cardigan trimmed with fake fur binding, buttons, and mice.
By some miracle, it has only one tiny moth hole.
It's also too small. Marie would say "take a photo and give it away. I say no.
And a blast from the past from high school:
As part of our senior yearbook photo package, we had both informal black and white pictures in a location of our own choosing
and color formal posed "studio" style portraits. Guess who didn't take the studio portion seriously.
Wearing a mink-lined coat that belonged to Cousin Hitch (my paternal grandmother's cousin, I think).
My mom put the coat in fur storage when I moved to CA -- I wonder if it's still there?
Check out the Fur edition of the Good Buy/Goodbye Book.
There will be a new photo of the Big Pink Shawl Rug, as seen in Inglewood.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

An Over the Top Outfit, Deconstructed

I'm going to a Zandra Rhodes book signing on Wednesday.
On Friday I road tested an outfit.
Let's study what's going on.

The pink fluffiness is a rectangle of Mongolian Lamb. Maybe originally intended as a rug?
It was displayed on the floor at the Flitterman Collection studio sale:
It was love at first sight, but it took me several circuits of the room to commit.
No regrets!
Next layer is the pink mystery fiber sequinned ombre scarf that I got at a Tibetan shop in Williamsburg, NY in January 2012. That MIGHT have been the moment I was finally comfortable wearing Barbie Pink.
On my extremities:
chenille armlettes cut from socks,
striped socks from Uniqlo (obtained at a store opening on deep discount).
Neon Yellow Fluevog Aimees on my feet.

Base layers: royal blue cheap Chinese high-low dress:
And last but not least, the Crazy Legs Leggings from Society6!

Somebody (on Facebook? on Instagram?) wanted to see a closeup of the print on the leggings:
It's a digital composite of three 60's prints which I insterted into the Crown of Thorns quilting pattern.

Let's continue deconstructing!
I couldn't find the red ground paisley vest (in a box somewhere), here are the other two sources:
Pink, mustard, and white smock that is "in work" (I cut off the yoke).
You've seen this neon shirt before!
All three garments came from my friend Larry's stash. Thanks Larry!

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner
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