Monday, September 2, 2019

#SecondhandSeptember Reasons to Buy Secondhand

Oxfam is the instigator of #secondhandSeptember and this morning I went to the source:

Inspiring, yes? I think that sums up 2) Reasons to buy secondhand nicely.
photo by Aaron "tango" Tang
My first visit to a charity shop or thrift store or secondhand shop (that I remember) was the summer of 1971. I bought a red button down shirt with a Peter Pan collar (what ever happened to that?), a long sleeved thermal "dress/slip" (it was upstate NY!), and a gingham midi skirt that I wore well into the 80s.
[cannot find photo. Will add when I do]

But wait! Didn't I get my most favorite skirt ever at a church tag sale in Troy, NY in the spring of 71? I'm thinking maybe! Or not (after finding the post for the link).

Our first foray into "shopping" secondhand was probably raiding our mom's closets, amiright? We all tried on Mom's shoes. I swiped her striped Skyr turtlenecks. Bwahahahaha. Sorry, Mom.

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