Saturday, September 21, 2019

#SecondHandSeptember This Week's Thrifty Find

And what is this week's second hand Fluevog? It's one that I didn't buy!

Here is the listing on eBay (link):

Yes, I have remained on the Fluevog 7.5 watchlist. This beauty came up on Wednesday morning.

I liked this but wasn't entirely sure. My "western style" mules don't get worn that often.
I made a counter offer, and the seller countered back.
I was this close to hitting Buy It Now

and then

I thought to check the Fluevog site to see what they originally sold for.
And guess what?
NEW ONES are currently in stock and ON SALE for $119.!!!!!!
I know this is not in the spirit of #SecondHandSeptember, of buying only second hand, but hey, with shoes, new IS better than used, if possible. Sorry, not sorry.

So far, I've done no buying of these at all. The heel height is a little beyond my comfort zone and I need to go to my local Fluevog shop and try them on, or try on a cousin in the same family.
Such as:
(insert drool emoji) (fortunately for my pocketbook, unavailable in my size) (unless I require an 8)
So the "thrifty" find this week is in the sense of saving money thrifty, not thrift store thrifty, and learning the lesson of "research the Fluevogs before spending over $100 on used"

Lastly, here's a link to an older post, regarding a previous western style mule thrift store find that was perhaps my most thriftiest find ever!

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