My motto? "Do It with Gusto"
The Glutton's Progress contains my musings on eating, traveling, etc.
I also have an entire blog devoted to desserts: Dessert Safari

Here is my "Recap of 2011" post, which will give you a "taste" of what goes on over there:

I ate:
April: BP Oysterette, Santa Monica, CA
May: Border Grill Foodtruck, Venice, CA
June: Lemonade, Venice, CA
July: Pho Van, Portland, OR
August: Al Forno, Providence, RI
I cooked:

July: cilantro pesto recipe
December: popovers recipe
I traveled:
Portland, OR: PDX ACE camp
NYC: Circle Line evening tour of the harbor with The Smithereens
Providence: with Patucci and Mark

Took the bus to Utica, NY
I chased the moon:
Happy New Year everyone!