Sunday, June 27, 2010

lounging around with guests look

Here is the most comfortable thing: the inside out Stussy shirt.

Lisa and I both bought the same shirt on La Brea in maybe 95? It's made of the softest sueded cotton. Vintage skirt came from Larry Quint, acquired 97.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

breakfast out

My look for breakfast at Snug Harbor:

It dawned on me that my drains have little loops on them and I can loop them directly onto a belt. Makes the belt look like a Wonder Woman utility belt. I've draped a piece of fabric over the drain pods so that I don't flash anyone by mistake. No one wants to see THOSE -- ick. My giant hawaiian shirt fits better over everything and since it's gloomy this morning, I'll go with knit lounge pants (work sample, thanks esportia) as bottoms.

Friday, June 25, 2010

consider the apron

I just got out of surgery and have some extra "baggage" to carry around. Went out to a musical event last night. The inside out stussy shirt (places pockets inside, where I need them) wasn't going to work in public and I needed to come up with something.

1) Apron. Functioned but looked too weird added to big shirt + long skirt. Plus had to tie at empire level, not sure if it'd stay in place.

2) Small purse on a belt. This purse I got for African safari in 98. Has both removable shoulder strap and big loop to slide onto a belt. Swiped a belt from Severo (my belts buried somewhere). Functioned but looked like a huge goiter or deformed pregnancy. Considered naming it "Manny."

3) Chinese satin bag on belt. Perfect. Has a small strap to loop on belt AND drawstring to secure "baggage." Sort of Renaissance Faire looking.

So why "Consider the Apron"?
Exene was sporting one at the gig. She looked so cool.

Her red peau de soie tango shoes + white anklets rocked too.
Severo took some great pix. They're on my Flickr