Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Spirit of 74" - A Red, White, and Blue Muumuu

That's what it says - 74"! 
When I first pulled this out of Larry's bag of treasure, all I could focus on was the muumuu-sized portion of
red, white and blue in, yes, a fairly hideous tropical print on stiff cotton.
We made jokes about it.
That's what Larry and I do.
I figured it was some sort of Class of 74 school spirit dress. Hey, I'm from the class of 74, I'll take it...
Now there's an "interesting" sleeve...
might have worked better in rayon...
Here is the prize that I didn't find until I shot these photos:
"Compliments of
Marshall J. Wilkings

I googled hawaii matadors:

a lot of sports stuff -- no surprise
Then I tried "hawaii matadors"
sometimes adding quotes makes all the difference:
Look! The exact same verbiage as my label!
Here's a screen grab of the link:

I couldn't believe it...

Look at the price he has on it!
My muumuu was made for the shriners' wives!
Cause for celebration, SpyGirl style:
Happy 4th of July, whichever day you take to celebrate.

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[Update -- 7/2013: That $485 Shriner shirt is still available. Big surprise, no?]

[Update #2 -- 7/2017: Yes! Still available!]

[Update #3 -- 5/2021: Yes! REDUCED to $225!!!]