Monday, July 25, 2011

In 10 Minutes: 7-25 dots and stripes

grey rib tee - free sample from work
dot/stripe vintage barkcloth skirt (also seen here)
leopard sleeve (for medical condition)
plastic chinese sandals
This skirt is one of my favorite items
I got it at an estate sale in Silver Lake in 1995.

Friday, July 22, 2011

FBFF: what's in my bag?

You can tell I commute by car from the size of my bag. Sometimes I feel like a sherpa!

inside the big bag are smaller bags
inside the smaller bags is a whole lotta stuff
another view
yes, I can go minimal! here are my errand/going out essentials
This is a Fashion Beauty Friend Friday event hosted by Marie-Eve of A Pretty Nest.
See more responses here.
Learn more about FBFF here.

style report: art opening @ Duncan Miller Projects

Aline Smithson curated a fantastic summertime themed group photography show at Duncan Miller in Santa Monica.
I stopped by the opening reception last night on my way home from work.

Aline's nails matched her necklace
patched jacket
when in doubt, wear black, white or black + white stripes
Of course I had to eat something! I had munched on carrots on my commute home but there happened to be a food truck right outside the gallery. So convenient!
mmmm crepes
the friendly crepe guy
nutella + banana crepe w/ whip cream. OMG. yes, that was my dinner. bad anne.
The show is up until September 3, so get yourself over there. There are some fantastic pieces.
Duncan Miller Projects Gallery
1716 Ocean Park, Santa Monica 90405
Th, F, Sat 11-6, Wed 7-9pm
more about the show from L E N S C R A T C H, Aline's blog

Saturday, July 16, 2011

on trend: bright bottoms

Saturday of Fashion Challenge
Here we have what I really wore on Tuesday
Can't get much brighter than the clown skirt!
Does the lurex paisley scarf match? Sure, why not!

on trend: eclectic prints

Thursday of Fashion Challenge
this one was easy

ADORE this print!
vintage rayon purchased at Uncommon Objects in Austin, TX
I designed + sewed the tunic

on trend: sparkles for day//go neutral

Wednesday + Friday of Fashion Challenge
Here's another outfit I styled but didn't wear
eeeek! I blend into the house!!!

The reason? A very sad oil spill on the skirt... For the photo, I put it on back to front to hide it. I'm planning to sew more sequins over it in a flower shape (the thing is at least 4" in diameter). Just have to get myself over to a fabric store that has sequin trim...

on trend - military paired with feminine

Tuesday of Fashion Challenge
This was a tough one... I found only one "military" garment (and I looked in my boyfriend's closet too) - a communist cap that I bought in Hong Kong in 04. And most of my "feminine" garments are on the small side...

the silhouette I conjured up reminded me of something...
Poiret (source)
I'm quite fond of the bird print on the dress
that I wore over the olive chiffon skirt.
So so girlie!
Did I wear this out into the world? Are you kidding?
I had fun mixing it up however.

on trend: stripe and floral mix

Monday of Fashion Challenge
The first day of creating summer trends from my closet.
I look annoyed.
Probably because I was running late for work
oh how I yearned for a black/white stripe top
the best part was discovering how nicely the scarf matched the skirt

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FTF: The Beach

I want a vacation! I want to go to the beach!

The Atlantic: Napatree Point, 1993
the southern-most point in RI
this acrylic painting of mine has sold
The Caribbean: Tulum, Mexico, 1982
this pastel is available
Sea of Cortez: Bahia de los Angeles, 1982
The Pacific: Playa del Rey Beach

Here's me in one month:
Martha's Vineyard, MA
Full Time Fabulous: Beach Theme - read other responses
Created by Kristy
Read more about FTF here

Monday, July 11, 2011

IFB Project #4: recreating the past

The Mission:
"Do you remember what you wore on a special first date? Or what you wore to a memorable birthday or graduation? Outfits have history to them. For this reason we thought it would be a fun idea to take an outfit from a special day and recreate it. Not only will this make you exercise your styling skills but this will also make you relive a special moment".

The Memory
The Old Photo
The Recreation!
Same tube dress
Red coat (inside out) subbing for Blue Gown
Black clogs subbing for Dr Martens
HS diploma subbing for OTIS one

Getting my BFA from OTIS in Fashion Design was one of the hardest things that I've accomplished. Look how huge my grin is in the photo from 87. Pure joy!

See everyone's response here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

into the flowers: clematis? (no - hypericum)

Hollis shot this on her morning walk
it had to become a fascinator for SpyGirl!

No ID yet on the flower. Isn't it strange?

update from Agent Kitty:
I did some googling and I think this flower is called "hypericum", or st. john's wort:​ch?q=hypericum&hl=en&clien​t=safari&rls=en&prmd=ivns&​source=lnms&tbm=isch&ei=Zy​oVTrLeLIbcgQed9pQi&sa=X&oi​=mode_link&ct=mode&cd=2&ve​d=0CB4Q_AUoAQ&biw=1334&bih​=725

Monday, July 4, 2011

In 10 Minutes: 7-4 independent artist

huipil from Folk Tree, Pasadena
the shirt/apron detailed here
cow slides from Macy's, Sacremento
Yesterday, I said I wanted to paint.
I did!
outdoor set up
finished painting + ring
another garment relegated to the painting pile
got too worn out

Sunday, July 3, 2011

IFB Project: don't bother the anne

painting gear = freedom
The IFB Project #3 -- INDEPENDENCE: 
Do you have an item you purchased that made you feel independent? Something that made you feel liberated? Share it!

It has to be my painting clothes
concert tee circa 1984
vintage apple print skirt from Larry
giordano denim mens shirt bought in HK, 1992
purple chinese jelly sandals, HK, 1992
because when I'm painting, I am doing the thing I truly love

let's look at the details:
Perkins Palace, 1984. "A Bill Made in Hell"
I was there. Die Schloflosen? Hellish. The Cramps? Heaven.
I started wearing this as studio garb in 1986
I'm sad this skirt is too worn to wear "in public"
ADORE the print
detail of paint encrusted on shirt that I tie as an apron --
could be a painting!
I am a slob. I wipe my hands on my clothing when I paint.
And as far as Independence Day goes,
what is more American than denim, apples and the Cramps? 
I promise myself to wear this tomorrow, July 4, 
Hold me to it, friends!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

In 10 Minutes: 6-25 feeling the plaid in portland

click on images to see bigger
I found this plaid wrap skirt @ SMUT Vintage for $16.
It lead me to come up with this:
Indian paisley bling scarf - gift from Kim
green Levi's shirt - thrifted
bleeding heart bakery tee - from the cupcake enabler
black lace edge leggings - sample from work
witch sox - sock man St Mark's Pl NYC
sanitas brown patent mary jane clogs - NYC

At lunchtime, I added my Eugene Kim hat - it was SUNNY!
I matched a whole block of buildings