Sunday, March 27, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: Aubergine / Mystical / Intuition

Welcome to our second week of PURPLE on 52 Pick-me-up.
Aubergine is French for Eggplant. 
Eggplant is a blue-greyish purple, not to be confused with Wine, which has a deep red cast: 
We'll get to Wine in a few months, have patience! 

My outfit de jour has both:
Eggplant pants, Wine scarf, Cranberry jacket. Hungry yet? 
Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday, because I can.
How about you?
Aubergine / Mystical / Intuition -- link and tell!

Friday, March 25, 2016

[ENID] Code Minion

3.25 9:35am 

You will never guess what SpyGirl has me doing. HTML code! Good friggin grief! 
She has turned me into her long dreamed-for minion. 
Curse you, Miz Bagg. Curse you! I hope you get turista!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[ENID] I'm Baaaaaaack!

Didja  miss me?


3.17.16 5:28am

What's with the rainbow action?
Miz Bagg has gone on "extended holiday" (I say she's having work done) and she sent me off to be monitored by SpyGirl again.
Some sort of Rainbow Project thing.
Gah. Next it'll be unicorns.
No road trip.
Just hanging out in L.A.
With rainbows.
Cue eyeroll.

[a word from SpyGirl]
International Fake Journal Month starts April 1.
Ever wanted to keep a journal but the blank page was too daunting? It was too embarrassing?
Try a fake one! It certainly has worked for me -- six years and counting.
Did you know that SpyGirl started life as a fake journal/blog?
It's true!

Are you afraid that you're "not creative enough"?
Well, you can even "journal" in a blog format, you don't have to keep an "artsy" analog visual journal.
If you have had an itch to start a blog but are too shy -- invent a persona! I did!
Or, you HAD a blog, but you got bored with posting outfits (or whatever) -- make it a FAKE one!
(I'm looking at YOU Maricel. I MISS YOU! "Blogging Besties" does not count!)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Tech: Instagram ALL WRONG

What has IGers' knickers all in a knot?
Algorithm-based feeds, that's what!
Instagram announced the change on their blog last week.

Me, I want to see my IG friends' posts chronological, not how Instagram (owned by Facebook) "thinks" I should see them. 
Nope. Not updating.
Some recent reviews:

Since it's doubtful that the petition will stop the march of change, here's an alternate mind-set to consider from

Sunday, March 20, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: Iris / Despondence

Oh, have I got an Iris (Violet) outfit for you this week!
Am I bright enough?
Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday, because, VISIBLE
Linking with Not Dressed As a Lamb's #iwillwearwhatilike also, because, age inappropriate!
[5/9] and again linking with Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike, because, PURPLE

Today marks the start of seven weeks of purple hues.
••• 38. (3/20) Iris / Despondence
••• 39. (3/27) Aubergine / Mystical / Intuition
••• 40. (4/3) Royal Purple / Faith
••• 41. (4/10) Indigo / Gratitude
••• 42. (4/17) Amethyst / Forgiveness / Belonging
••• 43. (4/24) Lilac / Recovery
••• 44. (5/1) Periwinkle / Balance

I'm doing a big purple linkup and keeping it open until 5/8.
Add anything PURPLE over the next seven weeks. Multiple linkups are fine, as long as you have some purple somewhere.

And now some words from our sponsor:
Thank you Prince, that was rockin' -- love your hair!

Iris or Violet / Despondence -- link and tell!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

William Bradley FW16 Fashion Show at the Mondrian Hotel

I went, I sketched:
I sketched 17 looks. It was dark and the entire presentation lasted for less than ten minutes!
(For THAT I drove to Hollywood, found parking, fed a meter, on St. Patrick's Night? Gah!)

I know, from past experiences, that William Bradley makes exquisitely tailored garments.
This was clearly not the venue to see that. Sigh.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Patti on the Digital Catwalk for St. Patti's Day

I'm doing one of those "Post 5 Artworks..." challenges on Facebook [find mine here], and I thought I'd make it more complicated for myself by making blog posts with the art. Each day a different blog. [Yes, I have 5+ blogs. Ack!]
We are at Day 5, which brings us to SpyGirl, the fashion blog that consumes me. The other blogs? I write posts occasionally. SpyGirl has showcased my fashion passions since March 2010. This marks my 863rd post.

Through SpyGirl, I returned to fashion sketching. I'll be showing a rainbow of digital catwalk sketches at TAG Gallery, November 22 - December 17, 2016. The over-40 fashion/style blogging crowd will be featured. There will be a fashion party during the exhibition, and you'll be the first to know the details if you sign up here.

On to some art:
link to inspiration source

Yes, Patti is a saint. She hosts a huge link-up party called Visible Monday on her blog Not Dead Yet Style , and she comments on every blogger that links. That's more than a hundred comments, EVERY WEEK! Amazing.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: Navy / Quest

We are finishing off our seven weeks of blue hues with Navy.

I was all set to have this be a post about Poshmark and selling this Navy and wine striped dress from Uniqlo:
That's not a pin at my chest. It's the size sticker.
I was going to sell it NWT [new with tags]
A funny thing happened while I was taking my product shots...
Rare view of my butt.
I decided that I liked it after all and I'm not going to sell it!
It's super comfortable!
I just need to remove the pockets -- the pocket bags are too bulky on my hips.
My hips are big enough, thankyouverymuch.

Here's the saga of why I have this new dress that I thought I didn't like:

Remember the Uniqlo Del Amo store opening that I attended back in October?
Remember the flannel shirt that was too small?
I found it online in my size, along with some bright tees that weren't at Del Amo either. The dress looked cute on the model (don't they always), it was on sale for $19.98, and I added it to my cart.

Upon arrival, it didn't live up to my fantasies (a hazard of online shopping). I wanted to send it back, but a mail-in return was going to incur a "restocking charge". Sigh. I could return it to a local Uniqlo store but never made it within the 30-day deadline because of a combo of laziness and the holiday season (I don't "do" malls during November/December).

It's a keeper, for now. I like how it looks with the argyle tights.
Back to the subject of Poshmark.
I've had some success with sales, and have racked up some "bank" to shop with.
I went on a Quest for Mexican huipils, etc, and found this:
I thought from the photos that it'd be a darker blue, but that's OK. It's lovely.

Signing in at Patti's Visible Monday, like always.
I'll also link this up with Judith's Hat Attack for April.

Navy or any other Blue / Quest -- Link and tell!
I'm changing up the link-up schedule and will have it open for a longer period starting next week.
For this week, here are all the "BLUE" linkups. I've reopened them, so add to whichever shade of blue you coordinate with. ;-)

Ink Blue or Navy


Blueberry, Denim


Sky Blue

Electric Blue

Sunday, March 6, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: Electric Blue / Impatience

Electric Blue is this week's color for my 52 Pick-me-up linkup party.
It seemed like the right moment to wear the colorful paisley top that Maricel gave me a while ago:
It matched my cyan Uniqlo tee and nicely clashed with my gilded paisley scarf.
Electric Blue = very visible, catch me at Patti's Visible Monday.

Electric Blue / Impatience -- link if you have the inclination!