Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Mildred Pierce Moment

When the evenings get balmy, my friends Anita and Russ do movie nights at their home. These are not simple DVDs in the HD-TV affairs. These are old-style 16mm films projected on a screen installed over their pool, with the entire back yard decorated in theme with the film. And we dress the part!

Last night's movie was Mildred Pierce -- the original version starring Joan Crawford.
Burt and Pie-baking Mildred
Bow ties! Burt and Wally [Severo and Stephan]
In Monty's Malibu Beach House [photo by Stephan]
Linda vamps as Glam Mildred
Burt and Veda [Russ and Anita] introducing the films
As the sky grew darker, the viewing started with a few shorts:
Then things took a turn for the noir...
Wally and Mildred [Stephan and Linda]

More over on the Glutton, just because.

Here's a great summary of the plot, plus a photo that inspired my look.

11/29/13 update: linking up with Sacramento's Share In Style: Movies. Go check out everyones interpretations of films past and present.