Friday, July 2, 2010

repurposed garments with hidden pocket = new dress

I wanted something easy, loose with a hidden pocket. (The belt rigging for the drains not very comfortable)

a new Indian skirt that was too tight in the waist and needed altering anyway
a woven denim/spandex shirt that I don't like so didn't mind cutting it up
soft cotton knit sample yardage from work (intended for mens loungepants or boxers)

I pretty much dove in and cut, shirred the top of the skirt; trimmed off bottom of shirt to make empire style line; folded, cut, sewed sides of pocket; pinned it all together; double checked stacking (I put pocket on wrong, had to fix) sewed. Haven't bothered to add more snaps on skirt half -- using safety pins to hold skirt closed. Don't think I'll wear this after I no longer need the secret pocket... will resew the skirt into something else.

this shows the inside and the pocket

here I am, outside the hospital