Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Captcha Crusade -- Stop the Captchas Today!

Dear Blogger users,
Please stop it with the Captchas. They are driving me MAD!
This does not seem to be a Wordpress issue. Those of you on WP can go relax and feel very smug.
It's YOU, my fellow Blogger bloggers. You torture me. You are ruining my already terrible eyes. There are other ways to stop the bots. No, don't tell me you don't know what a captcha is! Yagottabekiddinme. It's this:
I'm fine with the "normal" word on the right. It's the twisty illegible one on the left that's the problem.

Oh no.

I just thought of something.

Am I a bot?

Is that why I can't read them and have to hit the twirly arrow a bunch of times to reload the words I can't decipher?

Oh dear.

Let us ignore that concept and continue on.

Why don't we make commenting easier for your readers. You like comments, right?
I use Disqus here on SpyGirl, for a variety of reasons. You don't have to get all fancy like that. I write FIVE other blogs [intermittently] and I've had no problems with spammers. They get caught in the Blogger security net. This is true! I had one post on my sketch blog under attack 2-3 times a day for a good 2 months last summer. Not one of those spammy comments got published.

Here's what you do:
In your Blogger dashboard, go to Settings (the wrench).
Then go to Posts and Comments:
[here are my current settings for all my blogs]
First, don't let "Anonymous Users" comment -- choose something else
Next, Comment Moderation -- you choose -- a good way to filter people if you so desire
Word verification = Captcha PLEASE "JUST SAY NO"

Be sure to "Save Settings" (orange bar, upper right).
Your readers with thank you!
You might even get more comments!

Visible Monday, here I come...

Digital Catwalk: Pam


A Pretty Seafoam Dress
ASOS Le Shoppe for LAFC


Here is Chanelle in an Odylyne hi-low dress

sketch available here
I took a little break this morning from the Digital Catwalk and colored up a sketch that I did a month ago.
The Los Angeles Fashion Council has a shop on ASOS entitled Le Shoppe [no longer available].
I attended part of the photoshoot and live sketched as the models posed. I wrote a quick post about it here.

This seafoam blue dress designed by Odylyne has been haunting me. First, at the shoot, in the dingy back parking lot behind 630 South Los Angeles Street, Chanelle wafted onto "set" looking ethereal and badass at the same time. And the color! So delicious!
A week later, at the stylehaus pre-Lucky FABB event, there it was again!
All though May, I'll be posting more sketches from the shoot, with a link to the item at Le Shoppe.
Le Shoppe links are provided for your convenience and I receive no compensation from them.
Sketch links will jump to my Society6 storefront and sales from that site benefit me directly.

Note: Did you notice the new heading at the top left of the page?
They are disclosure headings that are explained on my new Disclosure Page.
[Thanks again to
Natasha of One Woman's Style, who gave me permission to use her disclosure copy]

Friday, April 26, 2013

Foot Fetish Friday: Metal Cap Clogs

2nd day of waiting @ Harbor General

Clogs with metal cap toes
O' My Sole
Marina Del Rey
Love the metal caps on these. My wooden clogs tend to get all split at the toe + these are protected. Also good for kicking dolts that step on me in clubs.


I think these are now studio shoes -- they're pretty beat up.
Too bad, I really like the metal caps...
It wasn't until I took this photo that I noticed that the wheels on my studio shelves are blue! [upper right] The blue pencil was on the floor already, but I rearranged it for a better composition. The socks are new Happy Socks and won't be worn when I'm painting. I have strict segregation of my studio clothing -- I can't stand getting my good clothes paint spattered.

Digital Catwalk -- World Intellectual Property Day Edition: Natasha

"World Intellectual Property Day is observed on April 26 each year with a variety of events and activities worldwide. It aims to increase people’s awareness and understanding of intellectual property (IP). World Intellectual Property Day is sometimes referred as World IP Day." [source, read more]

What is  intellectual property?
That would be be anyone's original material -- art, designs, writing, inventions, etc.
Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr are three sites that I use that tend to abuse creators' IP rights -- often without malicious intent, but more from ignorance and/or laziness (yes, I'm guilty too).
Please -- if the item doesn't link back to its original source, "Like" vs "Share" "Repin" or "Reblog"

Here's a previous post that explains how to find image sources in Google Images Search.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Gluttony in Little India: Shopping

In Part 1 of Gluttony in Little India, I showed you some of what Deborah, her husband David and I ate at Jay Bharat.

Now, let's shop!

We always stop at Cottage Art.
On my last visit, I saw these vintage purses. I had to get one this time before they were all gone: 
Mirrors, cowrie shells, silver tassels, embroidery, pattern mixing... LOVE
We usually venture no further than the one block of Pioneer Blvd between 187th and 186th. Call us lazy.

There are many sari shops, ranging from fancy encrusted wedding ensembles to more quotidian styles. New-to-us is Sahara Vintage Boutique, which has a huge array of tunics, scarves, saris and even some household goods (why didn't I get the cute yellow orange squeezer? WHY?) All items have been donated and a percent of the proceeds benefit the Sahara organization, which helps battered women in the SoCal South Asian community.
There was way too much to choose from...
Tunic too small (curse you fat arms).
Tie dye pattern caught with trusty iSpyPhone
Another too small tunic, grrrrrr.
Don't you love the beaded tassels?
New scarf -- I never have size issues with scarves
New sari, which I'll probably refashion into a tunic.
It has a transparent black/white windowpane plaid with strips of printed cotton (more solid white ground area at bottom)
only $10!
Here's the scarf from the ensemble that FINALLY fit...
3-piece set: tunic, scarf, and pants for $15!!!
Styling experiment #1 -- too matchy matchy.
Maybe what I'll wear for the OTIS Benefit rehearsal on May 4th...
What I wore to teach in on Saturday -- you can't see the orange skirt/dress that I'm wearing underneath.
One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles are all the ethnic enclaves.
We are able to (almost) travel the would, without leaving the LA basin.

Digital Catwalk: Jean

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gluttony in Little India

We INTENDED to go poppy gazing in Lancaster...
But all reports said there were none (not enough rain)
So we assuaged our disappointment with a trip to Artesia, aka Little India.

I wore orange, for the missing poppies
Deborah wore turquoise, you saw her earlier in the week on my Digital Catwalk.

We rendezvoused at Jay Bharat, as we always do (easy parking in back).
our choices
This was our first time trying Chat Puri -- YUM!
Patra is full of aromatic spices and is served with Tamarind + Cilantro sauces
Lada introduced us to Dhokla -- chick pea flour cake sprinkled with coconut, mustard seeds, cilantro, and chile.
More cilantro sauce on the side.
No photos of the rest of our meal -- got too busy eating and talking!

Part 2 will cover our postprandial shopping...
I'm linking this up with Patti's Visible Monday, because I can.

Digital Catwalk: Senora Allnut

Friday, April 19, 2013

Foot Fetish Friday: Sanita Clog

4.21.10 while waiting @ Harbor General Hospital

Sanita Patent Mary Jane Clog
Lord John's Bootery
Emergency purchase because all I took to NY was a pair of rubber boots that gave me horrible blisters. Store right around the corner from hotel.


The strap on the right shoe broke while I was at work. Sad day. I MacGyvered it with a ribbon. I'm hoping a good shoe repair guy can rehab them.

In better days:
with some Crazy Cat Lady socks
This year two pairs of favorite footwear have broken. I am not pleased with this trend.

Digital Catwalk: Annette

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Digital Catwalk: Deborah

My BFF Deborah doesn't write a blog. She's not on Facebook. She doesn't tweet.
She has no fear of computers, however. She and I taught at OTIS together in the Fashion Department and she is a Digital Goddess!

Here she is doing a most excellent Vanna at Cottage Art in Artesia:
We went there today and I bought a turquoise tunic -- I don't wonder why!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Foot Fetish Friday: Norma Kamali Louis Heel Oxford

Norma Kamali
Louis Heel Oxford
Four Quarters
I feel so pretty when I wear these 


These are still in good shape. I've been diligent about replacing the heel caps when the rubber wears down.

Digital Catwalk: Bella