Wednesday, April 30, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Yellow Fever

After last week's tree challenge, I've got an easy one for you. Wear something yellow.
Look deep into the pansy face...
I wonder if Severo has been watering...
One of "those" mornings, many weeks ago.
Started with this (maybe I kept the shoes and socks on and donned last week's ensemble).
Did not like how I looked in the photo and the zipper in the skirt was stabbing me.
Next try, maybe the next day. Almost OK.
Had forgotten how much I liked this Desigual shirt.
It came along on the road trip.
Is your yellow mellow? Link and tell!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Greetings from 04424

I'm in Danforth ME, 30 miles away from the end of my journey along the Eastern edge and the start of the Northern edge. It's been one crazy drive!
That is Brackett Lake behind me. It is still frozen. 

Oops. Posted to wrong blog. Oh well!
4/26 update: read more here

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Check it Out

There's this for $488:

Source: * (affiliate link)

But lucky me, I found this vintage Montgomery Ward raincoat for $12 on the sale rack at Foreign Affair in Providence, RI.
No, I'm not in prison. This is the view outside my motel today.
This is part of the "Splurge vs. Save" Campaign hosted by Credit Card Insider. Maybe it will appear on their blog!

Since I was so "thrifty", I'm adding this to Bella's Secondhand First linkup.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[Enid] Color Block Chloe

[Enid] Cues from the Twos

52 Pick-me-up: Dress Like a Tree

Happy Earth Day!
When I was in eighth grade, Earth Day was called Arbor Day and we planted a tree at school (I bet it's huge by now). Many years later, I had a design assignment to sketch an outfit inspired by a tree. I drew a funny pine tree ensemble, complete with a cone-shaped hat (do I still have that sketch? No idea). All this lead me to challenge you to dress like a tree this week.
Take a color scheme, focus on a tree's detail, or there's that woodland camo that I saw in abundance in North Carolina. Have some fun!
Leslie gave me this skirt with an interesting fabric that reminded me of manzanita bark
Manzanita seen in Idyllwild
The gauntlet is thrown! Link and tell!

ps: posted this on Tuesday because of Earth Day. Able to join up with Patti's Visible Monday. Glad I got confused!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: 40s

How is everyone? I read bits of posts here and there, but mostly I'm in my travel pod, the Prius. I'm feeling VERY on the edge, so to speak!
This week's challenge is 40s. I've got nothing fashiony for you. No time to do research, no time to put together a retro outfit. What I CAN offer you are my antics on US40 in New Jersey.
Go 40 on 40
Here, I commit the faux pas of wearing a Kum & Go tee into a Wawa in Malaga NJ.
Apologies for the grimace. It was a difficult selfie.
Here I am looking like a runaway at Shore Toyota in Mays Landing, NJ.
Waiting on an oil change. Not making much progress.
 I pulled the digital gear out of the car, hence the baggage.
ps: awesome WiFi.
My work station in the shade. Too blazing hot on the bench and I left my hat in the car.
As you can see, I went all out in my outfit today. Black logo tee and lounge pants and fake Birkenstocks. My white tunics were interfering with my road captures, reflecting off the windows too much. So I've gone WAY casual.

Have any 40s in your closet? Link and tell!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Back to Front

Oh look! I've been magically teleported to my back yard!
It's all an illusion, I'm not there at all. I'm in South Carolina.
52 Pick-me-up is still happening, despite the road trip.

This week's challenge is to wear something back to front.
I've been trying that out lately with low-cut tops. Here, the stripe dress is backwards.
Try it with a V-neck cardigan, like Roquelle. It might give you more options for stuff you already own.

Experiment, link, and tell!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Finding My Inner Mr T


I've noticed not many of you were not up for the Mr T challenge this past week (¡Gracias, Senora Allnut for your wonderful effort!). Me neither. I think driving over 4000 miles is a good excuse. I'm just going to have to have this challenge again next year -- you have been warned! Yes, indeed, 52 Pick-me-up has been so much fun, I'm dealing a second round. More on that and a call for themes later.


What better place to find my inner T than New Orleans? There are many shiny objects in NOLA, most of them not worth purchasing. So I stood NEXT to them and had Severo take the photos. [Does that make me a "real" blogger now? That I'm getting my significant other to take my photos? Still, it's just with an iPhone. No big gun (fancy DSLR) in my arsenal.]
My c/o *Capwell & Co necklace looks so demure next to all this!
I have my not-very-functional Narrative Clip attached.
Still don't know if any of the NOLA captures came out. Color me disappointed.
Mardi Gras beads are everywhere!
Mr T ree
embedded in the sidewalk
Beads too shiny? How about feathers?
I'm even clutching a coffee cup! Fashion Blogger Realness!
Or shimmery skirts?
All this is reminding me of someone... I'll add a linky for her! I think she deserves to be my Digital Catwalk Muse this week!

So, you have a little over 1/2 a day to post something. Do an arm party (does anyone still do those?), a neck soiree, or a ring orgy, shoot an instagram, add the link. You don't have to write a whole blog post! Simply accessorize to excess and link. GO!

Linking up with the wonderful Patti's Visible Monday.
I got to meet Patti in person a couple of days ago. As sweet in life as she is on the internet!
And her hubby Sandy saved me from the Parking Monster.

Link and tell, PLEASE!

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