Monday, September 9, 2019

#SecondhandSeptember Online Secondhand Shops

I only recently started shopping off of eBay. I believe I held off from fear of getting addicted. Also the bidding thing was off-putting, annoying (getting out-bid at the last minute), and too tempting in the "getting invested in the bidding itself and paying too much" issue. I favor the "Buy it now" deals.
Then there are the eBay Alerts. A problematic situation in terms of my Fluevog obsession.
Every morning in my email this:
Those oxfords. The "new match" has been taunting me for at least a month!
Someone with a 7.5 foot buy them, please!
is great for household items
I got these flat files years ago:
[black lettering from original owner]
Then there was the day Severo discovered the "free on the curb" section of Craigslist:
disclaimer: this includes the broken washer and becoming broken dryer (on right) that we replaced
I'll leave it at these Big Two.
Maybe you have a favorite smaller site? (aside from Poshmark, which I discussed on Day 5)
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