Sunday, September 15, 2019

#SecondHandSeptember $10 Charity Shop Challenge, or not.

Ha. I'd say the challenge is restricting my shopping to $10.
In addition, it's Sunday and are any shops open?

I think I'll take my $10 and go get veggies at the Farmer's Market instead.
Dill, Basil, Garlic, Italian Parsley, Cilantro, 5 Jujubes all for $9.
Did I buy some of these beauties?
No! I've got a cherry tomato situation at home!
Second hand tomato plants in fact, volunteer plants from M's garden!
They are draped over a second hand disassembled dog crate left behind by Karen.
The wimpy tomato cages couldn't support them.
I pick a few every morning, enough for my daily work-week sandwich.
Also gracing my sandwiches is this volunteer arugula in another area of the back yard.
It popped up in the aftermath of moving some trees. Not planted!
Note the new crop of seedlings in the foreground. Not planted!

This cilantro I DID plant, from volunteer cilantro that bolted and went to seed earlier in the summer.
Do you have second hand items (volunteers, cuttings or seeds from friends, etc) in your garden?

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