Monday, May 29, 2017

Rainbow Grid Mosaic

Part of my Fluevog Print Collection design process necessitates some color matching (my least favorite activity, but whatever). I figured a garment with a built-in color chart would be more fun, since I will be doing the bulk of my matching at the John Fluevog Venice shop.
So this happened:
Redbubble skirt link, I get a commission on Redbubble sales.
I deliberately scaled the print to get one repeat of the mosaic color chart.
Which, after a long wait, lead to this:
Pairing the Mosaic Skirt with the Todd Oldham jean jacket = no brainer.
I can't say the quality of the skirt is all that great -- the fabric feels much like inexpensive swimsuit material -- it's labeled 88% polyester/ 12% spandex. I got an XXL and have already popped some stitches at the waistband. Nonetheless, I didn't let that deter me from wearing it around town for gluttonous activities with Severo.

The above photo was snapped outside Cafe Brasil, which has GREAT food.
I had a Red Snapper Entree, which included magic salsa, a salad, black beans, rice, and fried plantains.
Severo got a ? Sandwich and Fried Polenta.
Over dinner, we plotted the next morning's moves, since we both had the day off. Of course it featured breakfast.
Our choice of EggSlut required leaving the house at 7:45am if we wanted their fabulous biscuits.
Very strong coffee, The Biscuit, The Slut.
Now you know why I'm popping stitches on XXL skirts.
We took a postprandial walk on the Venice Boardwalk. At 9am, it was a totally different scene that its usual chaos. Most of the shops were shuttered, which offered a multitude of backdrops for posing.
(Not that I was planning such a thing, I swear!)
Chloe Sunglasses frames c/o Ditto circa 2012. They don't do retail any more.
Severo did his share of posing too:
The Snap[chat] properties were empty and eerily free of graffiti.
It was 10am -- the Boardwalk denizens were waking up, blasting music, starting arguments, setting up their stalls, raising their shutters, but all remained quiet around the Snap properties (aside from patrolling guards). The vendor spaces opposite on the beach-side of the Boardwalk were also empty -- does Snap rent these? Have some sort of arrangement with the city? Very creepy.

One photo op that I overlooked, considering my outfit, was a pose with the rainbow lifeguard shack.
"Next time!"

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ps: THANK YOU mystery US purchaser of the Mosaic Dress! (Just sold while I was composing this).
If you have ANY interested in my Redbubble product, sign up for their mailing list.
They have good sales ALL THE TIME!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Olive Oyl x Moschino x Lularoe

Today's #COTDstyle Challenge is "POP ART MADNESS AND CRAZY BLACK!"
I immediately thought of my Moschino Boutique Olive Oyl scarf:
and my Lularoe leggings:
I bought the scarf around the same time that I got the "BOOM!" scarf.
I was imagining it bigger than what arrived in the mail.
I hung it up, and contemplated what to do with it (not a big wearer of small square scarves).
When I recently got the leggings, I immediately added them to the scarf display. They were instant friends.
But what to use as the transitional base to sew the scarf into?
I think it will be the confetti pattern behind Olive Oyl.
Stay tuned!
Pattern clashing. My m├ętier.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

iSpy at the Otis Scholarship Benefit Fashion Show 2017

Remember the fluevog print dress?
Here it is at the Step-and-Repeat:
[David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images] 
While David shot me, I sketched him:
This year I went to the afternoon rehearsal, then lurked with the photographers and sketched.
I think I drew 26 sketches!

Later on, I was captured by an Otis photographer posing with photographer Kai He:
His sketch turned out a bit more abstract:
Um, VERY abstract! He just wouldn't stand still!

One of the highlights of the evening was getting a selfie with my Otis classmate Chris Chang.
Chris designs the line Poesia in Shanghai, she mentored one of the Senior Class projects.
I hadn't seen her since we graduated umpteen years ago.
(A sketch of Chris and photos of the student work later).

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Fluevog Fever

April was a busy month.
Aside from the two day jobs (teaching 3 classes and 3 days of making print designs),
Enid and I created 30 new prints of Fluevog Shoes for two blog challenges.
See them all over on my Pattern Recognition blog and read about the challenges here.
Here are some. #fluevogpattern will take you to the collection on Instagram.
I also did another A-Z with images from my #dailytruck art series on my WordPress site.
[Yes, I'm trying to learn WordPress. It's not as hard as I thought.]
That was mostly pre-scheduled, so it was fairly easy. I even have enough extra images to do the same theme next year, if I so desire. Or will I finally be sick of trucks by then? I keep seeing their butts on the commute, that won't stop anytime soon.
Here is the ever-so-elusive X. I didn't see this one until 4/11/17.
Anyway. Back to the shoes.
Every May 15, there is a big celebration at Fluevog stores with giveaways and deep discounts.
I went for the first time last year, and it was really fun.
This year I'm going to meet up with Wookie's human, who is driving up from San Diego county.

A Fluevog print dress is necessary!
I have this on order and even put in an extra $10 for expedited shipping so that I could also wear it to the Otis Fashion Show pre-show activities. There will be photos.

Redbubble happens to be having another one of their flash sales today -- 20% off everything until 11:59 PDT. Here's the link to my shop (it's hard navigating to specific products -- leave me a comment if you need help finding something). The sale code is IWANT20
*I get a small commission from sales. Thanks for your support!

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