Monday, August 9, 2021

Stripes in Peril, part 1
Striped Lounge Pants

All the stripe garments I've destroyed for Scrappy Squares, part 1.
It's not "Goodbye", it's "Hello new art".

I'm in my final week of creating one piece of art every day for 50 days.
Titled "Scrappy Squares", these are weavings made with textile scraps using a rug knotting technique. At this point, almost any textile in the house is fair game.

The first to go, before the official series even started, were my COVID Uniform lounge pants. The spandex had died, the legs grew about 4", and I was tripping on them. 

not exactly the same pants but you get the idea

Stripey, link to artwork details

I paired the stripe with another pair of lounge pants for the first piece in the series:

Wendy, link to artwork details

Other pieces using the black and white stripe:

I still haven't used up every last bit (I had two pairs of them). I'm holding on to the cut pieces with the pink overlock. Well, to be honest, all the pieces:

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