Sunday, August 15, 2021

Stripes in Peril, part 2
Striped Chambray Skirt

 Not much left of this one!

It started life as a skirt (underskirt?) that Tony Young designed for a Mentor Project with Guess Jeans in 1987. I won the auction for the outfit which also included a cropped jean jacket (still have!) and a denim overskirt (sadly became badly mildewed during a roof leak eons ago and tossed).

[need sketch. sorry]

I redesigned the top of skirt by eliminating the waistband and shirring and instead formed inverted pleats and backed them with a muslin facing. The styling was reminiscent of my most favorite striped skirt from high school.

I still hardly ever wore it. Maybe the stripes were too preppy?
I was going to list it on Poshmark, but when taking photos, I noticed a lot of stains. It went into "The Pile", there was a lot of usable fabric in it.

Perfect for Scrappy Squares!

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