Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where In the World: OTIS

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I have decided that this skirt has too
much of a dirndl silhouette.
I'm going to sew in another panel.
The hem (what hem? It's a raw edge!)
could use shortening too.
The Rat Fink graphic on the tee
amuses me to no end.
Severo picked it up at a NAMM show.
It's for Rat Fink Guitars
By the way, here's the REALLY UGLY print that I'm using in the demo in the Instagram shot at top:
mock printed tie dye
it even comes in colorways!
kind of looks like easter eggs
I snagged it out of the trash pile at the OTIS Fashion campus at the CA Mart. They have awesome trash! I have snagged MANY treasures there!