Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crazy Quilt -- Mexican Cotton Yarn Dye Stripe

My absolute favorite skirt. I wore it until it fell apart in the 80s.
Made in Mexico, I snagged it at a church sale for maybe $1.00.

It came to a point at center front.
It had 16 gores.
It had pockets.
It was great for twirling.
It most likely was made in the 50s for the tourist trade.

When a senior in high school, I tried to replicate the fabric by hand loom. Not a success.

Jone Pasha, in Providence, thought maybe I could find the fabric in San Miguel d'Allende. So in 82, while on a huge road trip throughout Mexico, San Miguel was a required destination. They almost had it.

While sorting through my piles of fabric, I noticed some more recent acquisitions that come very close.
Almost... but not quite.

I would show you the other two textiles, BUT
Severo's Wall of Stuff is too daunting -- they're still stored up in that little loft area.