Friday, August 20, 2021

Black and White and Scrappy Squares

My posts are all about the Scrappy Squares these days, aren't they?
Can't be helped, they're top of mind, as I do all the prep for the 50|50 group show they'll be in.
Here's my "Title" page:

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I did do one totally black and white Scrappy, the "Leo

Instead, I want to highlight the "Stephanie", for which I destroyed two skirts:
"Stephanie" was named for a certain person who wants a certain fabric used herein.
Stephanie is on socials and keeps her ID on the downlow, hence no link. 

One of the skirts, before destruction:
It's fraternal twin, in a more deconstructed state:
sometimes, in the frenzy of creation, I forget to take the "before" shots

So, what's the back story on these skirts?

I got them both at a place in Venice called DBA (that resold designer discards like Ross, but not a chain), sometime when I was already working at "The Panty Factory" (my nickname for the day job, designing prints for underwear and loungewear). Maybe 2006? The floral caught my eye as a potential panty print, the dot, well, polkadots! They were only $12, and a nice 100% cotton percale.

When I stopped wearing most of my skirts (too many cupcakes), I put the dot skirt up for sale on Poshmark. The floral never got posted, not sure why.

And then the Scrappy Squares got hungry for fresh textiles, and, riiiiiiiiip went the skirts.
As I said in the previous post, everything is fair game in Scrappy Square creation!

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