Friday, July 16, 2021

The Tired Tie Dye Skirt/ Dress

I think I got this at Old Navy? In the beach coverup area?
Or maybe it was Ross.
One of those, in downtown Santa Monica.
All I remember is, it was super cheap. [Which is why fast fashion can be so hard to resist].

Skirt or Dress?

Yes, I'm cavorting on the back patio almost naked. 

I tried, and failed, to find an old selfie wearing this as a skirt. Not found with the tag "tie dye" here, maybe I never posted it. Then I scoured my Tumblr Archive as far back as 2015. Nada. Gave up. (I use Tumbr to quickly access my old Instagram posts. Though my annembray share link has been broken for months. I need to link manually. Boring, sigh).

Currently, it had been taking an extended stay on Mending Mountain - the elastic smocking on the waistband had died. It will now become a dress. After I tunnel new elastic through the top of the waistband. As you can see, I already installed some straps.

Last year, it took and unexpected turn as art!
This transpired through the conjunction of

  • taking some photos of the tie dye stripes for possible use at the day job
  • uploading an app called Momento (only iPhone?) that builds videos from stills
  • an online art collaboration with Angela Izzo
The first video:
See what happened next here!

Included with Shelbee and Nancy's Good Buy/ Goodbye July feature "Tie Dye"
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