Wednesday, July 28, 2021

I Match My Art!

I'm wearing 2/3 of the textiles used in this:

"Anne" Scrappy Square, 7.21.2021

The rayon black/white circuit print tunic is an old favorite. It has many a story to tell.
I found extra remnants to use in the Scrappy Square.

The rose print skirt/pinafore (which I hastily safety pinned to the tunic for the first photo) was almost completely sacrificed to the Scrappy chopping block. It never worked as a skirt:
back view here
It will work as a summer pinafore!
I could have sworn I have more yardage, but never found it, so I gradually tore strips off the hem for the Scrappy Square, preserving as much as I could of the skirt-soon-to-be-dress.

Many garments are falling victim to the Scrappies. I've started ruthlessly raiding my Poshmark Closet.

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