Friday, July 16, 2021

What does a Forty Year Old Pop Tart Look Like?

 No, silly, not the food!

I deconstructed my old "Pop Tart" tee to use in the Scrappy Square project.
See how I used the fabric strips in the Black and White piece.
I forgot to take a photo of the tee intact, here's the graphic:

One of my early Photoshop efforts, '95? '96?
I put an actual Pop Tart directly on the scanner!
Had the art made into a heat transfer at Kinko's.

I will freely admit, in 1995, at age 39, I became a Pop Tart in the LA pop music scene.
Won't go into the sordid details, will leave it at "I had fun". Heh.

Here is an old photo from that time, "rocking" the look:
1998, with Pat DiNizio (RIP), Len?, Severo at Coney Island High gig in NYC
I'm 42, Fiorucci tee purchased in 1978

Here's how I wore the same boy's size 14 tee in 1976:
outside the art studios, College of Creative Studies, UC Santa Barbara

There's NO WAY I could wedge myself into a tee that small now!
Only a memory...
This one has Severo in it:

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