Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Fall Goals -- September Summery

Daily Goals:

Do a Daily Drawing. (Fashion sketches count). 14/30
I have been working (somewhat) diligently on my FierceCon fashion sketches.
It's been very hard keeping them secret.
I revealed two so now I will share them here:
Catherine of Catherine Grace O and the creator of FierceCon
Jodie of Jodie's Touch of Style, FierceCon Excel chart maven
My ultimate goal is to get 54 done for the FierceCon weekend event that starts 10/25.
How is my progress? 25/54

Procreate doodles 4/30
I had to take a break. Was getting too scattered.

Weekly Goals:

Waterlogues from old road trip photos 14/4 / Post to Saatchi Art. 4/4
This got accelerated due to the upcoming Art Fair in Houston. Mostly creating new Waterlogues.
Posting to Saatchi later.

Sew and/or repair at least one garment. 0/4

List at least one item on Poshmark 1/4
link to item

Upload new art to Redbubble. 3/4
Redbubble now prints on SOCKS!!!!! 
I posted a promo image on Facebook and sold a pair within 1.5 hours!
Thank you anonymous purchaser! (Redbubble only tells us creators the country of origin).
Mosaic link
I have to upload new artwork for these -- for some reason, the scale is super tiny.
Very excited about this for all my Fluevog print fans.

Fluevog Adele link
Sew one patch onto Crazy Quilt 0/4
Nope. Just nope.

Fall Goals:


Get taxes done. not yet -- DUE 10/15
Nope. Cue doom music. Guess what I'm doing Monday, 10/14.

DeClutter the living room (again). started and needs more constant/consistent work
Started again! There is hope!

Get sewing machine repaired. (how many years has this been broken now?) still not yet

Do you have any sort of "To Do" list? Or maybe a "Honey Do"?
I'll report back again at the end of the October, progress or not.

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