Sunday, October 25, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Topaz / Enlightenment / Courage

Today, a rainbow vomited all over me:
I had pulled the leggings for TOPAZ week, but was having trouble styling them.
Why not go full pattern on pattern?
Time will tell if this look leaves the back patio.
Courage, right?

How about the shoes????
I have been bragging on Pinterest and Facebook about these treasures.
Snagged Friday at a local charity shop (Silver Lining on Washington Blvd in Culver City) for $60.
They are the most beautifully made pair of footwear I have ever handled.
Handmade in El Paso by Tres Outlaws, they are still available new online for $2500!!!!!
Yes, they are alligator and yes, they are slightly creepy. And they have extra long pointy toes.
This video came to mind when I tried them on:

I'll be linking with Patti's Visible Monday.

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