Wednesday, June 18, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Greatest Hits and Some Misses

We did it. A full year of ways to remix from your closet. Did you miss a week? Feel like relinking one of your better efforts? Anything goes for the rest of the month. Got a good idea for a new prompt? Please add it in the comments! A second round of 52 Pick-me-up will start Sunday, June 29. Me, I need to catch up on my sketching. I'm not yet playing with a full deck!
All the prompts from the past year:
  1. Boyfriend/girlfriend 
  2. Complementary colors
  3. Red/white/blue/black
  4. Floral bouquet: mix your florals with…
  5. Go with the flow: long, loose, and drapey
  6. Choose your shoes first. Then get dressed.
  7. 70s Flashback
  8. Fruit salad: peach/orange/lemon/lime
  9. Wear the same garment 3 ways during the week. Will anyone notice?
10. Stripes
11. 80s
12. White it out
13. Fill your favorite mug (or tea cup) with your morning brew. Now dress to coordinate.
14. International relations: wear garments from two different countries
15. 90s
16. Texture salad
17. Tone poem: mix a bright and a berry tone
18. Put your accessories on first. Now get dressed.
19. MROW! Leopard/cheetah/tiger
20. [Paint it] black
21. Graphic tee and girly bottom
22. Analogous colors
23. Trend salad -- wear as many trends as you can IN ONE OUTFIT.
24. Blue hues
25. Get Layered
26. Plaids -- two or three or...
27. Royal purple flush
47. 50s 
48. Uptight/alright: wear that thing that’s a little too small
49. Pattern max -- how many can you wear at the same time? 
50. Long over short
51. 60s
52. Greatest Hits -- recap your favorite 52 Pick-me-up or add one or two or...

Link and tell!
And don't forget, if you have any good ideas for prompts, please include them in your comments.