Wednesday, July 31, 2013

52 Pick-me-up: 70's Flashback

Are you ready to Shake Your Groove Thing? It's 70s week at 52 Pick-me-up!

My 50's ranch home was remodeled in the 70s. It has lots of "mighty fine" touches, like wood paneling in my office, a weird welcome liquor bar built into what used to be an entry coat closet, and the kitchen -- ALL of the kitchen. Showcasing these areas would require some cleaning -- maybe I'll do it tomorrow... or Sunday...

Meanwhile, I donned my most "awesome" 70s-looking clothing and posed before the banana yellow 70 VW Squareback sculpture. [No, I still haven't put that thing on Craigslist.]
Can any of you ID the LP I'm holding?

Shake it!

ps: Since I'm wearing a hat, I'll be linking up with The Style Crone's new Hat Attack party. The first of the month, every month!