Wednesday, December 18, 2013

52 Pick-me-up: Purple Royale

This week on 52 Pick-me-up, we don Purple, the color of royalty.
Back in 1500 BC [says Wikipedia], purple dye was derived from tiny snails. It took a lot of effort, so only the big-wigs were allowed to wear it. Good thing they got rid of that rule!
You may address me as Queen Anne
I'll admit, I have a purple past.

Here I am back in 1993, my last salaried day at Mattel (I later freelanced), in my purple Leon Max suit, yellow tights, and purple Mary Janes. Hoi and Anita made a mini-me Barbie wearing the same outfit. 
Then, farther back in time, there's the purple maxi (details here):
sorry such a wretched photo
wish I had a larger scan

Have any purple in your closet that you might wear to my party?
Please link up your look!