Wednesday, January 15, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: 10s (1910s or 2010s)


It's been a few months (September!) since a historical challenge on 52 Pick-me-up. This week, it's the 10s.
I've been so busy with my Sketchbook Project of maps that I have no inspired outfit to share. I did a quick Pinterest search today for "1910 fashion" and found some goodies. I put my finds on my "Reference for Posts" board.
This image gave me a smile:
Gloria Swanson and Teddy the dog, from 1917
Pinterest linked it to here, and with a little internet sleuthing,
I found that it's a publicity still from the film Teddy at the Throttle.
This post gives more details and provides a YouTube link.

My current bathing suit is very similar, but it's a rare day that you'll see me in it!
Perhaps the headgear doubles as a flotation device. The fur stole is especially useful!

Think first season of Downton Abbey and you'll be on the right track for the 1910s.

I guess for the 2010s, you could look back at a 2010 magazine and see what's in there. Probably not a long enough lapse of time to be meaningful, but maybe you'll find something that we all thought was so cool three years ago and now looks silly.

I'm sure you can all do better than me! Do share your historical adaptations!