Wednesday, December 11, 2013

52 Pick-me-up: Mad for Plaid

It's 52 Pick-me-up theme time again!
This week, I challenge you to combine as many plaids as you can in one outfit.
Go ahead, expose your inner crazy cat lady.
OK, I admit, this look is NOT doing me any favors.
But I have two plaids!
The dress clearly needs some reconstruction. Even at 7:30am, the waist had floated up too high. I'm short-waisted, but that looks ridiculous. There are also massive darts in the bodice and I no longer have any bust. I "cleverly" covered up that mess with the scarf -- turning myself into a strange Christmas present.
The black and white plaid is vintage synthetic, so the static cling was rampant. Oh yes, that was fun. Clearly I need to get myself a slip or two.
Lastly, despite all these layers, I was still cold at work.

A closeup of the fabrics (blurry for now, sorry, will replace later nevermind, it's fine):
On the bottom, the scarf is a windowpane plaid.
Not sure what type of plaid the dress has. I would guess a madras?
I will do another post about types of plaids (because sometimes you have to suffer my pedagogy) later in the week.

By the way -- the argyle on my legs is a plaid cousin.
This graphic will explain:

This might be my most discombobulated post ever. My apologies. [slowly got my act together]

Let's see your plaids, people!