Wednesday, March 5, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Crazy Legs

Loving everyone's libation looks from last week!

Ready for another creative way to get dressed? This week, I'm asking you to find your craziest socks (or legwear) and use those as your sartorial inspiration. You don't have to wear the socks with the outfit. I certainly didn't!
As you are (hopefully) aware, I have my share of crazy socks.
Severo kindly provides me with many, such as the hula girl sample above.
How did these socks inspire me?

The days have long passed that I would wear a bikini top (at some point I'll go into why, but not today). I took the cue of the brightly colored flowers in the bra for my top and something green for the bottom. Sadly, no flower pattern on my legs [note to self: design some flower power tights STAT] but I don't think I'd have chosen the argyle tights if not for this challenge. They work, in some weird way.
It wasn't until I was cropping the sock photo this morning that I realized the Hawaiian shirt used as a background would have played well with my ensemble:
Oh well, next time!

Closeup of the tee graphic:
Yesterday was Mardi Gras, I think this is an appropriate choice!

In April, Severo and I will be having our own rendezvous with beignets. We're booked for two nights in the Garden District (he found an amazingly inexpensive hotel that rates OK on TripAdvisor). Maybe the only stop of my On the Edge road trip that we're meeting up. (NOLA appealed to his gluttonous side).
Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Can't wait to see YOUR cazy socks. If you want to keep it BIG EASY (harhar), simply shoot a photo and stick it on some social media. Anything with a URL can be linked!
Link and tell, people!