Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shiny Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

Severo and I both had Saturday off, time for a date!
The night before, I gave him parameters for our breakfast dining: within 3 miles radius of home and before 10am. (It gets crowded in eateries after 10 on the weekend, especially with this glorious weather we've had).
He found a new place, Cafe Buna, in Marina Del Rey. Their prices were a little higher than I like to pay (over $10), but our coffees and breakfasts were great. Only the grits were lackluster, we brought them home for doctoring. Service was fantastic.

After breakfast, Severo asked if it was OK if we made a detour before going home. It was to M Street Bakery on Main Street in Santa Monica for sweets. Let's just say M stands for Mmmmmmmm. The chocolate chip cookies are maybe the best I've had in soCal. They were REALLY good. If I get my act together, I'll go into more detail over on Dessert Safari. Note: we just ate the apple oatmeal cookie and that is great too. Two for two -- we'll be back.

Then we walked and explored Main Street.
Which is where the shiny objects come into play.
Giant shiny fork
Shiny script sign that has seen better days. Severo demonstrates.
We found the best shiny thing of all -- a Christmas tree formed out of shopping carts!
You can find it at the Edgemar complex, 2415 Main St. It was designed by Anthony Schmitt.
Read about it here.
Did I wear something shiny? Sort of.
The skirt with metallic threads that wreaks havoc at airports.
Subtle, to the naked eye.
Metal mix of
copper threads in the skirt and golden dragon brocade.
Dashes of leopard for extra sizzle.
I'm linking up with Patti's Visible Monday.

Meanwhile, Mixed Metals fortnight continues. You have PLENTY of time to join the party!
Have something shiny planned for a New Year's Eve party? Do share!