Monday, December 16, 2013

Know Your Plaid

Time for some education! No pop quiz, I promise.
items from my fabric stash and sewing pile
Woven plaids are created by striped bands of yarns intersecting on the warp (length) and weft (width), causing a grid pattern. Plaid can be found on variety of weave structures (plain, twill, herringbone, etc) as well as used in a knit or printed.

is a balanced design, with equal sized bands
is like gingham, but the squares are larger
also a balanced design, with equal sized bands, in twill weave
is like gingham, but using a twill weave
is a balanced design, with very narrow bands alternating with wider bands
is windowpane with more than two colors
(the official CA tartan)
is a name given to plaids associated with Scottish clans. There are now tartans for countries, US States, brands (like Burberry) and so on. My favorite site for finding tartans is Tartans of Scotland, where you can also read more about them.

is short for Glenurquhart, a region in Scotland. Also known as Prince of Wales check, it is a houndstooth woven with various sized bands, sometimes with more than two colors.

is cotton cloth originally from Madras, India (now called Chennai). It typically has irregular bands in bright colors. Read more here.

I created all the plaid repeat images above.
I was greatly helped by this post by Alexander West (which has additional information), and Wikipedia.

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