Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Story of Bola de Nieve

Bola de Nieve was a cute piñata that unfortunately crossed paths with the Two Point Oh! LA witches bloggers group.
It was time for the 4th annual Snowball, and Kelsi devised a clever method of distributing the gifts.

Chapter I
Our protagonist, Bola de Nieve
The coven gals dance in a circle while Bola de Nieve watches
Strung up
Oh noooooooo
Suffering indignities courtesy of Erik and Andy
Trophy head and broken bat
 Chapter II
Strung up a second time, headless
Meet Stephanie and Scott, Snowball Prom Queen and King
(Stephanie designed and sewed her gown, btw)
Stephanie wields her stick
Scott winds up for the coup de grâce
RIP Bola de Nieve!
The witches bloggers scramble for treasure
Only candy remains
The dancing continues, with Bola de Nieve left in a ragged heap
There were Rules
Here's what I snagged:
*c/o Neutrogena Shine Control Primer
Those witches girls were fast at grabbing the goodies! My item was seriously trampled upon.

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