Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Delayed by the Dawn

In my overactive imagination, you wait with bated breath to see who is walking the Digital Catwalk on Tuesdays. I choose my muse from the 52 Pick-me-up links, sometimes early on, sometimes at the last minute. Whenever I decide, I still don't sketch, digitize, and paint until Tuesday mornings, BEFORE I get ready for work.
I instagram the sketch with a playing card from a deck made by Vanity Fair magazine before I scan, as a bit of a teaser.

I was very excited about this week, week 26 -- halfway through!
I drew the first gent to join my linky party, a milestone.
Here's Terry, of Terry's Two Cents, with the King of Clubs, Cary Grant.
The Vanity Fair card deck has photos of celebrities that originally were published in the magazine.
I try to match a card to the sketch. Mostly for my own amusement.
But then this happened:
I was distracted, to say the least! My artist side said "Wait. You have to watch this."
I obeyed, but then didn't have time to get Terry's drawing done. Oh well. Thursday maybe. Stay tuned!